Bioshock Infinite - Review

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Bioshock VS System Shock 2 - Comparison & Review

Bioshock is pretty, System Shock is intelligent. Feedback from knowledgeable fans of both games would be appreciated. Let me know with which points you disagree :) Exceedingly tired at the moment, so excuse the jumbled argumentation. Thanks to Google image search.

Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins Kill god - Greatest Hits

Two of the most clever and entertaining non-believers, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, dismantle assorted religious Kooks and their man-made texts with the finesse of Olympic Samurais, dicing religious dogma into microscopic particles too small to be retrieved by even the sharpest religiously-minded creature, e.g. those with IQ's between 0 and 36 (beneath Moron Level). As religiosity increases, intelligence drops, like a grand piano off a cliff.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Quest-lines Review

I love Skyrim, but trying to enact change is like getting blood from a stone. This video glances at the 6 main quest-lines within the game and nags them a bit. Spoilers are kept to a minimum, I hope. Some of the visuals represent important places, but you'd need prior knowledge to spot their relevance :) I'm truly sorry for murdering the Abba song. It's almost 5am.

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Why 'Back to the Future' Is Secretly Horrifying | After Hours

If you've ever seen Back To The Future, you'd certainly know that messing with the space-time continuum can get pretty messy. Well tonight, the gang discusses just why that universe was already good and messed up to begin with. Join Michael, Katie, Dan and Soren as they talk about the weirdest parts of our favorite pop culture treasures. Check out more After Hours at

Loved it, mostly. Irrational now number among my few favourite developers. Lucky them.

I must tone down 'production values' (lol) if I'm to have any hope of updating reasonably regularly. This will loosen bonds between text & image and weaken my views. Such is the brutal nature of sacrifice. And of being lazy. This vid represents the kind of level of polish I envisage in future -- Not much.

Many of you have demonstrated messiah levels of patience in remaining subscribed while I procrastinate and toil at my dayjob, and I am eternally baffled and honoured that you consider my opinions worth listening to, if not agreeing with. It is appreciated.

Skyrim Mod video, at some point.... he says again.

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