Streaming the gaming pc's in the house! wwe 2k18 Cpu fan is going crazy

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Unboxing my new Digital Storm PC today, enjoy! Also a heads up, I wasn't paid to make this video but they did gift me the PC. Just wanted to clarify! Check out their site here: My Gaming Channel - Find me here! Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - My Gear! Camera - Camera Lens - 2nd Camera - Tripod - Microphone -

No Clue what will be on

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Rambow145 no longer is the only one that streams on this acc! So he may not be in the chat.

Why no one talks in the Rambow145 streams is it's a waste and we all would be talking to ourselves

Streaming the house pc's all to the one big gaming pc!

What cpu is the streaming pc it's a baby

Games being played

And some random game

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