2018 Disney Cars Diecasts In Package-Singles, deluxe, 2-packs, Launchers, haulers, and 5-packs

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Every single Disney Cars 3-car pack from 2007-2010

10 Secrets About Cars That Disney Is Hiding From You

Cars 3 is out! but did you know these secrets about the popular animated movie? 10 Secrets About Cars That Disney Is Hiding from You! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD Cars 3 is about to cross the finish line and drive into theaters and we couldn’t be more excited. Director John Lasseter is back behind the wheel and is potentially steering this series into a new direction, one aimed at fans of the original film who are all grown up now. While we wait for the light to turn green, we went back to look at the original 2006 hit film. There’s a bunch of secrets out there about this film that many people were none the wiser about. From Chuck Berry’s hidden Route 66 song, to all the secret license plate numbers courtesy of George Carlin’s character and that on Luigi’s, the Ferrari fan boy. Also, where did Lightning McQueen get his name from? Surely it was from actor and car and racing buff Steve McQueen? You’re partially right. What about the two NASCAR commentators? Who are they? Of course, it wouldn’t be an early Pixar movie without some kind of little reference to the late tech pioneer and majority shareholder, Steve Jobs, co-creator of Apple. Cars is also a unique film in that it’s the only Pixar film to be released on both Blu Ray, DVD and VHS. It was the first Pixar film on Blu Ray while being the last to ever be released on VHS. How about that. The film also has some clever references to other Pixar films, specially one big one about Toy Story 2 that you never noticed.

Disney Cars 3 : Brick Yardley's Money! - StopMotion

Thank you for watching! At this time, Brick needs some money for something, I hope you guys like it! by the way, I've got a RUST-EZE Lightning McQueen! Finally! YYES Music Info) Feelin Good by Kevin MacLeod - Movie Cars 3 - Cars 3 Rivalry Official Trailer - Cars 3 Trailer Parody - Cars 3 "Rivalry" Official Trailer - Movie Cars 3 Trailer - Jackson Storm - Cars 3 crash scene - Lighting McQueen - Cars 3 Jackson Storm

Cars 3 Next Generation Racers VS Veteran Stock Racers PART 2

In this Part 2 video I compare the Cars 3 Piston Cup Veteran Stock Racers vs the Piston Cup Next Generation Racers!! Cars 3 Veterans vs Next Gen Comparison Video!! Including Sponsors such as: Vitoline, Nitroade, Rusteze, Dinoco, N20Cola, Re-Volting, Ignitr, Blinkr, Tripledent Gum, Intersection, Combustr, Leak Less, Re Volting, Rev N Go, Vinyl Toupee, Sputter Stop, Clutch Aid, Gasprin, Bumper Save, View Zeen, No Stall, Lil Torquey Pistons, Tank Coat, Shiny Wax, RPM, Trunk Fresh, Tow Cap, Easy Idle, Apple, and more!! SOUNDTRACKS: Radiator Springs Theme (Unused Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSAH_cqLWy0

Learning Color Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Transforming magic Box Play for kids car toys

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