Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Dragon% Speedrun 1:23:36

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Dragon's Dogma Bitterblack isle% World Record (36:38)

Found some new strats for faster movement throughout bitterblack isle. Also my first run where I didn't die at all pre-daimon! I died once to him during the fight but that's the most uncostly death you can have really. This is close to perfect, honestly. No bad fights, no bad movement, Living armor went down super fast, new movement strats, really good mushroom and throwblast counts, I don't know. I don't think I'll be improving this at all. The only reason I did this run was because I found out about Shearing Wind being really fast for movement.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Speedrun 18:35 [Game Time, NG+] (With Annotated Commentary)

*ALL THE INFO YOU WANT RIGHT HERE YO* The annotations are a bit outdated for Dark Arisen. But since you cannot get some essential equipment for max speed, they still hold up for the original game. Any% NG+ Game Time (Speedrun Mode) Character info: Level 200 (Infinite) First Vocation: Strider Second Vocation: Assassin Stats: Just get a lot of strength. An ideal build would play Fighter for the first 10 levels, then Assassin from 10-200. This is not necessary to play competitively. Important Skills: -Strider:Instant Reset, Fivefold Flurry -Assasin: Instant Reset, Fivefold Flurry, Gale Harness (maybe), Cutting Wind, Shield Drum Weapons: -Framae Blades -Fey Whisper -A shield (it doesn't matter which) Key items necessary: -About 100 Bottles of spring water (other types of group healing items will work, too) -Blast arrows (about 100) -Conqueror's Periapt (about 20) -Water God's Altar Tablet x5 -Wyrmking's Ring or forgery -21 Wake stones -3 Skeleton Keys -1 Maker's Finger -Eternal Ferry stone (or about 25 regular ferry stones)

Dragons Dogma - Lvl 74 Assassin Vs. Daimon (HARD MODE)

Dragons Dogma - Lvl 74 Assassin Vs. Daimon (HARD MODE) this is me taking on the big dog daimon and his 2 forms.

Top 10 Unluckiest Moments in Speedrunning

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Dragon's Dogma Angry Review

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Dragon% is starting a new game and playing up until you defeat Grigori. Sorry for the bad quality, this was mostly a practice run and first time recording a run just to see how it turns out. I decided to upload it because there's only one other run listed for this category on speedrun.com and my run is about 10 minutes faster.

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