My thoughts on Crypto Mining cooling...

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Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Guide - Ethereum + Siacoin

NCIX Tech Tips viewers get 50% off Synergy! Cryptocoin mining is back in the spotlight - but before you jump into building your own mining rig, let us give you some advice. Buy PC components at NCIX: Canada: US: See news sources + discuss on our Forums: Get Official NCIX Tech Tips T-shirts here! Social Media: Instagram(NCIX Tech Tips): Twitter (NCIX Tech Tips): ​Twitter (Official NCIX): Instagram(Official NCIX): Facebook: Twitch: Episode Credits: Host: Riley Murdock Writer: Anthony Chow Editor: Barret Murdock

Mining Farm Cooling & Ventilation System for our ASICs (Antminer S9, D3, L3+)

Hey guys,... Still looking for the proper name. NAME is: ODP Rigid Insulation Board The most important is to not have gaps between the Material, so that the airflow is perfect. Buy Trezor: In this video we explain the cooling and ventilation system that we came up with for our ASIC part of the Mining Facility. The material is made of foil and some kind of sponge Thanks for watching. Follow and Join us at: Telegram: Facebook : Twitter: Instagram : Web:

Antminer S9 in a COOLER - COLD AND QUIET!

Got my Antminer S9 in a cooler, this is keeping the Antminer S9 cold and quiet! Really happy with the results. Binance for Crypto Trading: Antminer S9: EVGA PSU: EVGA PSU (B&H): Insulated Duct: Cooler (It's big): GTX1070 FE: GPU Riser: Join Coinbase (FREE $10 BTC): ***NONE OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS VIDEO IS PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT ADVICE.*** Instagram: Snapchat: jeremysciarappa Twitter: Facebook: Tips appreciated :) BTC: 12XPL5KkH2g4sf3G3hFoD5VWi2axkdmzoT ETH: 0x735cf4426893218979881620aaea28ea6b7a2f01 LTC: LM1LmjyvMN1VZMqjBYbPP3er9wULBUUH87


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$80,000 Mining Rig Interview - 70x 1080tis!

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the partners invested in an $80,000 mining rig pulling in $6,000 -$8,000 per month. Hopefully, these answers will help anyone struggling with the idea of getting into the mining game. Enjoy. Donations (BTC): 16WvnsPsdGnLBCfafbieMdmJ8xQesZUz6S

How I cool my rigs

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