Geopolitical Simulator 4: 2018 - All Roads Lead to Delhi Ep. 57 - Pakistani Tensions Intensify

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Pakistani Indian Street Food | Food without Borders | Delhi Karachi Food Street

Collaborating with our friend Anubhav Sapra from Delhi Food Walks was really fun with whom we went 71 years back in time and experienced the shared history that Indian and Pakistani cuisine have. From finding the same popular dishes to family members running restaurants on both sides of the border we came to find both our countries having the same culture and cuisine, showing the bond of love that people on both sides share. This experience made us realize that we are more alike than we are portrayed. Check out Anubhav's webpage here: and his Channel: #india #pakistan #food ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Food Locations Karachi: Javed Nihari Delhi Kabab House Dehli Mamo Fish Fry Ghousia Food (Chargha) Bundo Khan Restaurant Food Locations Delhi: Aslam Chicekn Corner Qureshi Kabab Corner Kallan Bawarchi Haji Mohammed Hussain Chicken ---------------------------- Follow me on instagram and facebook.

Restoring the Ottoman Empire - GPS 4 pt. 4 - Turkish Militarism

The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier: Cyprus Dispute Explained Buy "The Next 100 Years: A Forcast for the 21st Century" by George Friedman See Pre-released videos at Patreon Follow on Twitch Follow on Twitter Join Discord

Hearts of Iron 4 Tutorial 2018 - How to Play HoI4 in Under 40 Minutes Guide! [No DLC]

Tips & Guides Playlist!► Hey guys, this is a How to Play / Tutorial / Guide on the Real Time Strategy Game Hearts of Iron 4 for PC featuring Gameplay with Live English Commentary! In this HoI4 tutorial video I guide you through the core mechanics of the game in less than 40 minutes without any DLC! This means everything from teaching you how everything works as well as informing you on a great country to start with! Enjoy! Live Streaming At!► Hearts of Iron 4 Romania Playthrough!► Hearts of Iron 4 Multiplayer Playthrough!► Patreon!► Humble Bundle Affiliate Link!► Demo any Steam Game for Free!► Amazon Affiliates Link USA!► Amazon Affiliates Link Canada!► Amazon Affiliates Link UK!► ~Stay in Touch!~ Twitter!► Facebook!► Discord Server!► Steam Group!► Steam!►  Spreadshirt Shop!► Reddit Fan Page!► Ask!► Tip Jar!► #HoI4 #HeartsofIron4

President Obama San Francisco

President Obama visited San Francisco on 26th May 2010. His motorcade passed by the hotel where I was staying.

The History of South Asia: Every Year

South Asia has a history stretching back over 5000 years. This video details that history and shows how this diverse area changed over time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Maps: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to: TeeMee for helping speed up the animation process with "Number Animationer" Nicolas Iline for researching Afghanistan EmperorTigerstar for researching The Russian Civil War ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC: Crusader Kings 2 - Charge of the War Elephants Crusader Kings 2 - Saladin arrives at Jerusalem

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