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Empires War 3 is a strategy mobile war game made interesting by its in-depth combat system and unique player killing system. In this massively multiplayer online strategy game, you can challenge, team up with other players from all over the world.

Now, why should you download Empires War 3 ?
•It's the mobile version of legend game Age of Empires II.
•Top Great Real Time Strategy Game for iOS 2017.
•Free to play! Conquer your rivals to secure victory and glory for your own Empires War 3 !
•Build a castle city, defend against marauders and get one step closer to the Ruler of the World.
•Join and experience the most played game nowadays with amazing gameplay and realistic graphics.

Game Features of Empires War 3:
Construct and upgrade dozens of structures to unlock 50 mighty military units. Develop new technologies and discover new buildings and goods. Produce supplies to manufacture goods, exchange your goods and trade with your neighbors and make your Empires War 3 stronger.
Train your army, lead them into battle, and crush your foes. You can battle each other or work together and travel to newly discovered lands to raid and conquer enemies.

Empires War 3 is Real- time battle with millions of players worldwide. Create or join Alliances to send each other reinforcements.
Team up with allies to attack enemies, rising up your ranks.

Download now Empires War 3 and don’t miss amazing updates!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empireofthrone/

Genre(s) : Strategy
Require internet connection : Yes (Online)
Size : 89 MB
Date Released : 2018-02-11
Platforms: Android
Developed By : fang shijia
Languages : English
Requirements: 4.4 and up

Google Play download Empires War 3 URL:

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