Trying some new games: Pc Building simulator

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Today we are checking out the newest update to PC Building Simulator... Overclocking.... Full update patchnotes are below.. Full Patch Notes: Overclocking feature enabled, you can now overclock your CPU, RAM and GPU. Added Bios screens for each manufacturer. Added GPU Tuner application to adjust GPU settings. Added new stress testing app in the form of OCCT. Increased Career level cap to 25 to allow for new story based jobs. Added Dual GPU and Water Cooling based jobs to the random job pool. Added Antec AIO Water coolers: K120 / 240 & Mercury 120 / 240 / 360 RGB. Added NZXT Aer P 120mm/140mm Case Fans. Added non-windowed variant of the SilverStone PS14 case. System Info app now displays temperature details overlayed on 3DMark if open at the same time as 3DMark. Added the ability to power on a PC with ‘P’ when focussed on a screen. The Will it Run app will now take into account SLI performance when checking a PCs specs. Added further detail for RAM throughout the game to help with overclocking. Fixed the bug where pre-installed case fans would vanish when removed. Fixed the missing costs for workshop furniture in all non-English languages. Fixed a hang that was caused by using the compressed air in some jobs. Fixed an issue where cables were detached apart from their connections when vsync was disabled. Fixed an issue where the rear connections on the EVGA Z370 were out of alignment. Fixed an issue with the case side on the Cooler Master MasterBox 5 MSI Edition that would block installation of parts until it was removed. Fixed various reported cable clipping issues. Check out the entire description for Build v0.8.3.1 here --- My PC Specs- Processor- Intel Core i7-8700 3.20GHz Ram- 16 GB Corsair GPU- Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 ti

LIQUID COOLING UPDATE : PC Building Simulator Gameplay : BETA Early Access

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