1992 honda civic eg owner talking about veloce

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Virtual Tuning-Honda Civic 1992

Descarga mis edits: https://photos.google.com/b/113230411042467824820/ Musica: Avedon & Pyrodox - Dream About You (feat. Tank) Rogers & Dean - No Doubt [NCS Release] Different Heaven - Safe And Sound [NCS Release] like y suscribete para mas videoss! :D

1992 honda civic eg 2nd build

This is my 2nd build when i became more deep and knowledgable. Honda started with motor bikes which is why i kept the motor bike logo. This is a 1992 Honda Civic EL. One of the last inventions of Siochiro Honda came in 1.5Litre single cam - no vtec no ecu - this is a carburated car and over the years this is how i have turned it into. Soichiro's dream was to make it in 2 colors but the japanese gov said your not allowed to do it as it presented the japanese flag. My name is Sam & I am living my dream. I continue his vision and try to paint it as close as i can to make closer and closer to the vision Honda Souchiro wanted and it is not easy. I continue to live my dream in which i have been building towards his vision till this date. We have owned this car since 1990. I have inherited this car from my mom - may her soul rest in peace and started building it since 2010 but i have had thoughts and feelings about it since 1990.

1992 honda civic showing off

1992 honda civic eg run 0-190kmh

With 3gears only done in year 2005 when i discovered that the carburetor's electric choke was not working. so i pushed the car to its maximum drivable limit. But in 2010 when i also realized alot of things and started finding a way to get closer. Took 8years to really understand this complicated carburetor.

1992 honda civic eg 27years of transformation

Introduction of my 1992 honda civic being transformed into what it is now by 2018. My next video will be about telling you my next mission

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