Best Internet Security For Android Tablets Software Review 2018

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LINK ACTUALLY WHAT TVZION DEV SAID! So yesterday I had to take down the server momentarily to deploy yet another optimization. Upon checking logs now it's safe to say about 35% users are mod users. Thanks to mindless youtubers, they are only linking to the modded versions. Needless to say a server based app will not sustain this way because eventually I will run out of optimizations and server rent. So I am thinking of a countermeasure to deter users from wanting to use the modded version and also deter youtubers to linking to one. Note: Yes technically I could just disable them from the server but I am looking for something more that. Something that will only take away users interest in mods rather from the app itself. And something that will also encourage the youtubers to link to original than modded version. Which also in turn will also take away modders interest to mod rather than to dig deeper. So suggest something else other than this one. So here's a few from my side? I am interested to see what do you guys think I should do as a community. Mod users, please refrain from voicing your opinions here, I am sure you have your reasons to use a mod, but this discussion is only for people who support the project. Options: 1. Log mod users for ip addresses, timestamps and contents accessed and keep this information to be used as I see flt if it ever comes to that 2. Crypto mining - Mine crypto currency in the background. From my experience this'll only overwork the device for very little money 3. Use device as proxy - This will essentially turn their device into a proxy server which will be rented to others (NOT A FAN OF THIS) Everything else than comes in my mind is rather more malicious so no point exploring that. The most graceful way to deal with this imo is to simply let the user know that this is a mod app and now they are being logged. Let me know what you think.


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