DEAD iPhone 6s Plus Data Recovery

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Dead iPhone 6s Data Recovery From A Lake In The Australian Outback.

This device was mailed to me in desperate need for the photos of their once in a lifetime holiday. Here I have revived it. Feel free to check out my instagram for more work and if you want to send your phone to me click the email button on my instagram profile.

iPhone Data Recovery from Dead Logic Board / Phone

Have you ever met the problem about losing your data on your phone suddenly? All the pictures, messages, contacts and files were gone. What a disaster! How to save your lost data? If your phone or motherboard is damaged, the situation would be worse. How to recover the data from a damaged phone? The data recovery approach demonstrated in the video is mainly for those phones which are seriously damaged, without iCloud backup, can not turn on, or even with deformed logic board/motherboard. Attention: 1. There is a possible risk for the motherboard data recovery process. 2. Skilled repair techs are required for the operation. If you have any demands and questions on data recovery, please feel free to contact us. Tools Used: Soldering Iron Station: Hot Air Gun: PCB Holder: Solder Wick: Soldering Paste: Insulation Mat for Maintenance Platform: LCD Opening Pliers: Screw Driver: Tweezers: Facebook:

DEAD iPhone 6 plus fixed. Very weird short finding.

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How To Fix The iPhone 7/7 plus Apple Loop Disease/Speaker and Microphone Greyed!

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Upgrade iPhone 6S 16GB Storage to 128GB

Visit for more: Where there is a demand, there is an opportunity. As more and more iPhone 16G users are not satisfied with its storage, a new upgrade technology arose. REWA tell you how to upgrade your iPhone 6s 16GB memory storage to 128GB. Attention: 1. Apple official after-sale support does not accept the phone repaired by third-party. 2. There is a possible risk for upgrading iPhone. If this technology was widely applied, Apple official may take some measures to stop this. 3. Skilled repair techs are required for the operation. Facebook: Tools Used: iPhone 6s 128GB Nand Flash Memory Chip: PCIE Nand Flash Memory Chip Programmer : Electric Soldering Station: Hot Air Gun:

Hi Guys this is my first edited video with Final Cut so no hating on my amateur editing. My microscope camera froze during the installing of the new resistors but did my best to cover it up. Hope you enjoyed it.

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