शेळीपालनासाठी शेळीची निवड भाग - 1 :: Selection of Goat for Goat Farming Part - 1

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Gulabi Goats |Complete Documentary

Gulabi goats are famous in all over the world for their beauty and huge size . Complete interview of Sanam Ali owner of these goats. For details and queries follow https://www.facebook.com/Hassan-Narejo-Official-471544593344491/ On facebook

Mahesh Taware Osmanabadi Cr Beetal Goat Farm Part 1

Osmanabadi Cross Beetal best example , great managementneed to learn a lot from Mr.Mahesh

yashodavana goat kid milk bottle feeding - http://www.yashodavanagoatfarm.com/

http://www.yashodavanagoatfarm.com/ Yahodavana’ spread across 50 acres of land. Organic farming is used for the cultivation to feed the fodders to Goats. By Adopting scientific methods with modern technology from 500 Goats and sheeps till now around 2000 animals are farmed along with other by products like Milk, Milk products (Against the order) , manure, mineral mixture, calcium supplement and iron supplement .

Amazing Agriculture Technology - Goat Milking Rotary

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Osmanabadi goats for sale in hyderabad

Vaccinated, healthy, stall fed pregenant, with kids for sale. @ 250/kg live. Contact no 9959930848.

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अजित राम मुळिक : शेळीपालन प्रशिक्षण शिबीर १८/०६/२०१७

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