1967 Chevy Nova Twin Turbo Restomod Project - Full Restoration

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1953 Chevrolet 3600 Raybestos Pickup Truck - Restomod Build

Raybestos Brakes partnered with Schwartz Performance to restomod this timeless classic. The build started off with a running driving 1953 pickup truck, but watch as they transform this into a Pro Touring beast. -Specs: Engine: 2017 Gen V LT-based L83 5.3L (425 hp) Transmission: Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed Frame & Suspension: Schwartz Performance bolt-in G-Machine chassis; Ridetech single-adjustable coilovers Wheels: Forgeline ML3C 3-pc Forged wheels, 18×9, 18×12 Tires: BFG Rival S tires, 275/35/18 front, 335/30/18 rear Brakes: Raybestos front & rear brake system- 14” Advanced Technology rotors, 4-piston HD calipers, and Raybestos Truck brake pads Exhaust: Modified LS7 Z28 exhaust manifolds to fit LT heads; Custom 2.5″ stainless steel exhaust, mandrel bent & TIG welded, with Magnaflow mufflers & SLP resonators Paint and Body: Bodywork & paint by Schwartz Performance Color: Light Toreador Metallic (PPG) Built by: Schwartz Performance Inc. 1115 Rail Drive Woodstock, IL 60098 ➤Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/diygarage7?sub_confirmation=1 Please be sure to click the "🔔" next to the SUBSCRIBE button and you'll be notified of when we upload new videos. _________________________________________ Credits: Raybestos Brand https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl46UrC33OKbTBgEm90rgjQ Schwartz Performance https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrTVqPpPcelShkUhkpspVQ

When You Think You are Fast And This Happens

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MAZDA MX-5 Rocker Cover Restoration ( Miata , Eunos )

For this restoration video ive decided its about time to start refreshing the engine bay on my 1992 MAZDA MX-5 EUNOS ROADSTER ( MIATA) and where better to start than the rocker cover. As you can probably tell the car has been sitting for a loooong time and everything is going rusty and crusty. so first thing is first i whipped the strut brace off to give clearance for the rocker cover to come out. once the plug leads, coil packs and oil breathers are disconnected its time to undo the cover bolts and remove the rocker cover. Once off i could see the engine has been fairly well cared for judging from the condition of the valve train and lack of baked on oily gunk on the inside of the rocker cover. The next job was the remove the oil vapour plates to allow access to give the cover a thorough degreasing. The inside was covered with gunk and allowed to soak for a while before scrubbing with a wire brush and scotchbrite for the hard to reach areas and it came up very well indeed with only minimal oil staining but im not to worried about that as its going back on the engine and not being a show piece. When the underside was completely clean i moved on the topside, it was heavily corroded with lots of pitting and high spots. I used my draper multi tool with wire brush attachments to get into all the tight spots where lots of corrosion was lurking then i moved onto an aggressive sanding of the flat areas with some 80 grit sanding pads which cleaned up and flattened out the surface nicely. Then it was a case of masking up and starting the priming process. The first layer is always etch primer as normal primers lack the acid content to etch into the metal and get an effective grip on the surface. After the etch i came back with 3 layers of high solid high build primer to give me enough material thickness to work with to flatten back to get a smooth surface. After the primer had cured it was all wet flatted back with several grades of wet and dry and finely finished with some grey scotch brite to even out the surface to allow the metallic to lay down evenly. Back into the booth for the first of several layers of colour, the colour i chose for this project was BMW VERMILLION red as its a very deep and rich colour with a very high but very fine metallic gold content which makes the colour pop in bright light. After the base coat and adequate curing time i sanded back the lettering with several grades of sand paper and a mirka flat block until i got the desired brushed effect on the lettering, you need to have a very steady hand and a bit of courage for this step (yes i could have masked up the surrounding area to protect the paint but wheres the fun in that ;)) After lacquering and curing all that was left was to rtv silicone and stud lock the vapour plates back on and rebuild the top side. Very satisfying restoration. If you would like to see more of the engine bay restored please leave a comment and let me know what you think, all ideas and advice on how to grow the channel are welcomed. and as usual dont forget to like, share and subscribe. Really Random Channel PRODUCTS USED. several hand tools-snap-on,sealey,silverline,draper. chemicals-GUNK engine degreaser, Concept chemicals Master cleaner, U-pol standard thinners,panel wipe and paint systems. pressure washer- Karcher K2 Assorted sanding and grinding products.

1968 Dodge Charger at the SEMA Show 2011

Crazy TURBOS! 6000 HP (EPIC)

The Craziest Turbos compilation you'll see ! 6000 HP Lamborghini Aventador SV TwinTurbo, 1000hp Toyota Supra, 2000hp Turbo LS swaps, 4rotor and huge turbo... high boost, so high they'll fly, literally lol Also, The best Turbo sounds on this compilation ! Turbo BOV sound, Turbo Flutter, wastegate, turbo downpipes and obviously, straight pipe loud cars ! ( AntiLag / 2step / backfire ) From Turbo Hondas, to BMW m3 RB26 engine swapped, big turbo supras, TwinTurbo Huracan, Twin Turbo Aventador, twin turbo LSX Corvette, 4 rotor mazda rx7 with a big turbo, Nissan GTR, 1000+ whp audi and much more ! From UAE, USA, Japan to Europe.. WE HAVE IT ALL COVERED :D Hope you guys enjoy the edits :D Thank you so much for watching ! ps. video done under fair use. see whole description. PLEASE, GIVE it a THUMBS UP, if you enjoyed !!!!! and..... !!! SUBSCRIBE !!! -- http://bit.ly/YTBoostLust -- for more ! PS.-- HIT THAT BELL TO GET NOTIFICATIONS WHEN I UPLOAD !! - BoostLust -- http://bit.ly/YTBoostLust #BoostLust #Turbocharger #Turbos -- You can find me on ; Instagram [ Daily small clips ] https://goo.gl/gYIW9p Facebook ! https://goo.gl/mDOlqn Twitter : https://goo.gl/4hzQdf Snapchat : BoostLust -- Thanks for Watching, See ya on the next one, now Uploading Every Weekend or friday !!Have an amazing day, and thank you SO MUCH for the unconditional support. 4 real. -- Credits ( Full Links ) Lamborghini Aventador SV 6000hp @extreme_tuners_official_page - http://bit.ly/2CHdUmv http://www.extreme-tuners.com RB28 2.8L stroker BMW e90 m3 engine swap @driftsquid - http://bit.ly/2PI5huR S52 BMW e36 M3 Turbo Drift car @driftylicious - http://bit.ly/2NQQOuD 1500HP Subaru @extreme_tuners_official_page - http://bit.ly/2CHdUmv 2jz swap Nissan Skyline r33 @freedommotorsportz - http://bit.ly/2OAzzTy 1000hp supra launch @futureracing_dubai - http://bit.ly/2AiOw3Y TwinTurbo Ford GT @gtmeister - http://bit.ly/2J4Pm7c 350z 2jz swapped @haugenracing - http://bit.ly/2QZOhjI @drift.dev - http://bit.ly/2Ai3RC2 Huge Turbo Supra on dyno @hiboost_garage - http://bit.ly/2PJhdfZ rb26 swapped 240sx drift build @jewyfresh - http://bit.ly/2J7hZAH Boosted Corvette @jtmmotorsports - http://bit.ly/2PITNHx 1000+ whp Audi s2 @kennybjork - http://bit.ly/2CfMwL8 v8 Honda s2000 antilag @kingsperformancerace - http://bit.ly/2R7df11 @carlosriosc7 - http://bit.ly/2HQWSCc 4 Rotor Mazda RX7 Big Turbo @mazzei_formula - http://bit.ly/2S1uamP @krowrx - http://bit.ly/2PICyGg Evo on Dyno and 2step @louie_clm - http://bit.ly/2Ewfvxh Drag Racing wheelie @mannai_racing_team - http://bit.ly/2yOdmXB RB26 240sx @maverick_richards - http://bit.ly/2yLqM6I RB32 Nissan GTR r33 Huge Turbo and Burnout @motorsports_mechanical - http://bit.ly/2RZDsQ9 Big Turbo Camaro antilag @patrick_martich - http://bit.ly/2CsjRmh Turbo Noises Volvo 745 @pontussolssonn - http://bit.ly/2NUFhuE Turbo Honda s2000 @rhd_kirby - http://bit.ly/2Cx6fGi TwinTurbo Viper @vengeance_racing - http://bit.ly/2J4Xkx5 @dahdudechance_5.0 - http://bit.ly/2NQ8nLA TwinTurbo Corvette @xperformance - http://bit.ly/2J7t9Wa @ehdayah_performance_garage - http://bit.ly/2CtwOwf -- All Credits to original Uploaders, This is My Edition in a Compilation formula, showing the most amazing moments and helping to promote amazing shops/tuners and builds ! ANY CREDIT ISSUE , CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT biz.boostlust@gmail.com . I'll Credit your clip or remove the clip. I wasn't able to found the sources of some videos. Hope you understand. Thanks. Music; Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release] Leased Beat, Produced by SuperStar O

This '67 Chevy Nova named "Affliction" began its journey with the new owner Steve Tornari back in 1983. While cruising the streets southern Florida Tornari saw a Nova that might have some parts he needed for his own Nova build. After getting the driver to stop, an offer of $500 was made for the stranger’s center console in his Nova, that $500 offer turned into the final price for the entire car.

Over the next 3 decades the Nova would see several rebirths that included street duty as a cruiser, and time at the drag strip as a race car. Eventually the car was taken to a local shop to get an SB2 out of a NASCAR swapped in between the fenders, but that’s when fate threw a nasty curve ball at Tornari. The motor was stolen out of the car during a break-in at the shop doing the work and that led the project to go on the back burner.

About a decade later when Tornari ran into Jeremey Miranda, owner of Miranda Built at a local car show. The two began to talk and soon after the show Tornari’s 1967 Nova was on its way to Miranda’s shop to begin a new life. The project was only supposed to be a low key build, but soon ideas started flying, body panels were modified, and turbos were hung. Miranda and his team took a vision of an owner and took it well beyond expectations anyone could have ever imagined.


Engine: GM SB2 (Nascar engine) Twin Turbo - 355ci
Turbos: Precision 63mm
Output: 900 hp on pump gas @ 15 psi of boost
1,300 hp on race gas @ 25 psi of boost
Transmission: 4L80E
AccuAir e-Level air ride suspension
Custom side-exit exhaust
Budnik Gasser wheels
Corvette C6 Z06 brakes
Paintwork by Charley Hutton

Built by:
Miranda Built
1364 Gwenzell Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

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'67 Chevy Nova on e-Level | Miranda Built
-by: AccuAir Suspension

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