1967 Chevy Nova Twin Turbo Restomod Project - Full Restoration

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This '67 Chevy Nova named "Affliction" began its journey with the new owner Steve Tornari back in 1983. While cruising the streets southern Florida Tornari saw a Nova that might have some parts he needed for his own Nova build. After getting the driver to stop, an offer of $500 was made for the stranger’s center console in his Nova, that $500 offer turned into the final price for the entire car.

Over the next 3 decades the Nova would see several rebirths that included street duty as a cruiser, and time at the drag strip as a race car. Eventually the car was taken to a local shop to get an SB2 out of a NASCAR swapped in between the fenders, but that’s when fate threw a nasty curve ball at Tornari. The motor was stolen out of the car during a break-in at the shop doing the work and that led the project to go on the back burner.

About a decade later when Tornari ran into Jeremey Miranda, owner of Miranda Built at a local car show. The two began to talk and soon after the show Tornari’s 1967 Nova was on its way to Miranda’s shop to begin a new life. The project was only supposed to be a low key build, but soon ideas started flying, body panels were modified, and turbos were hung. Miranda and his team took a vision of an owner and took it well beyond expectations anyone could have ever imagined.


Engine: GM SB2 (Nascar engine) Twin Turbo - 355ci
Turbos: Precision 63mm
Output: 900 hp on pump gas @ 15 psi of boost
1,300 hp on race gas @ 25 psi of boost
Transmission: 4L80E
AccuAir e-Level air ride suspension
Custom side-exit exhaust
Budnik Gasser wheels
Corvette C6 Z06 brakes
Paintwork by Charley Hutton

Built by:
Miranda Built
1364 Gwenzell Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

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'67 Chevy Nova on e-Level | Miranda Built
-by: AccuAir Suspension

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