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Multitrack Recording Session // LEWITT Studio Microphones

Mix it, baby!  Download the LEWITT multitrack recording session ...    In order to showcase our microphones, we did a live recording session at the well-renowned COSMIX studios in the heart of Vienna. Download the multitrack session  of this song and mix it your way - please include "LEWITT multitrack recording session" in the title so we can find your mix and please ad the download link to our session ( somewhere. Well - who knows, no one can keep us from giving some mics away every now and then! Anyways you'll have an absolute blast mixing this song, with live performances by musical director and guitarist Thomas Hechenberger, Valentin Oman on the Fender Rhodes, David Leisser on drums, Bernhard Osanna on Contrabass with accompanying singer Celina Seilinger aka Celina Ann. Of course, we couldn’t resist to start a little mixing challenge within our team. In the end Max Schnutt won the battle – with amazing results. Well, watch the video and check it out for yourself!    This is also your chance to test the LCT 640 TS and the Polarizer plugin - change the polar pattern of the room sound and the vocals in the mix! You could even "turn" the microphones by 180° and mess around with the room sound in your mix ... So, let's mix - let's do some nice stuff! Download the multitrack session for all DAW's and ProTools: More detailed info about this session and the mic setup: More info about LEWITT: Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: SoundCloud:

famous singers with ISOLATED vocals

Top 10 isolated vocals/mic feed of your favorite famous singers. Taylor Swift and more. FOLLOW MY TWITTER:

TLM 102 Rap Cover/Vocals Test 2016 (TLM 102 MIC) " Trouble on my mind " Josh Love (BEST MICROPHONES)

This song is called "Trouble on my mind" written and produced by alternative rap artist (Josh Love) recorded with the TLM 102 microphone through the Mbox mini 3rd generation interface. For more music/covers , please subscribe! #4up #stayblessed Download New Single "My Bae": Follow Josh Love #TLM102MIC #MICROPHONES #BESTMIC TLM MICROPHONES TLM 102 MICROPHONE BLUESPARK MICROPHONES

Mic Technique (Recording Vocals Explained)

In this tutorial, learn the proper mic placement for recording vocals. Using different mic types and wind screens and pop filters.

Best Mics for Vocals Episode 2 Brauner VM1

VoiceCouncil Magazine presents Engineer Wes Maebe on mics that are outstanding for vocals. Today Wes discusses the German-made Brauner VM1, a large diaphragm studio mic. Wes Maebe's clients have included Ann Peebles, Sting, Alexandra Burke, Melanie C, Chaka Khan, Robert Plant, Cat Stevens, Deborah Bonham. Wes is speaking from London's Pure Soho Studios

In this Episode, I will share with you WHY this is the ONLY microphone to consider at its price point! STOP wasting your money on CHEAP mics! YOU CAN BUY IT HERE, NOW!!!

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