Scott Hall on Heat With Bob Holly (YouShoot)

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Jim Cornette Shoots Hard on Sable

From KC's Timeline History of WWE 1997 with Jim Cornette

NWO invade WCW - Scott Hall Kevin Nash walks through the crowd

The outsiders invade WCW. Epic times.

Jim Cornette Shoots on North Carolina's Worst Hotel

Turns out there's an actual Horror Hotel on the Brighton Pier, not Winston-Salem. Keep it with Jim Cornette's Talking Sense for the very best shoot interview clips, old and new, from the Experience and Drive-Thru. All clips are used with permission from Jim Cornette and Brian Last.

Bob Holly shoots on Why Roman Reigns not getting over as Babyface

Bob Holly shoots on Roman Reigns . Like, Share, Subscribe And Comments!

Scott Hall Talks about his Diamond Stud Gimmick in WCW

Scott Hall Talks about his Diamond Stud Gimmick in WCW. The Diamond Stud worked alongside Diamond Dallas Page in WCW. This character was Scott Hall's persona before jumping to WWF and finding international fame as "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon.

From KC's YouShoot with Scott Hall

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