Borderlands 2 - Review

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How do you play Borderlands Quickly?

Giant FAQ Why do you not use BAR / What are the starting guns - 0:55 Why do you Save/Quit a lot? - 1:36 How do you merge/Why do you use Jakobs Snipers? - 2:47 How do you get Infinite Ammo? - 4:58 How do I get an Infinite Shield? - 8:00 How do I use the Evil Smasher? 11:10 What guns do you use in a speedrun? - 15:10 Why are you farming? - 17:05 How do you grenade jump? - 18:11 Can you use Macros? - 19:28 Patcher thing - Follow me on Twitter for Youtube Updates - Daily Livestreams at - Facebook thing -

101% Borderlands 2 Speedrun 6:41:29 (WR)

READ THIS BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO MAKE A COMMENT Q. How do you have infinite ammo? A. I use the Vladof Rocker Launcher Glitch Q. What Shotgun is that and why does it shoot so fast? A Jakobs and since I have infinite ammo I can fire "as fast as I can pull the trigger" Q. Do you use macros? A. No, I manually click every shot(before evil smasher) Q. Why do you keep switching the Smasher and what does it do? A It stacks its effect giving me massive fire rate and damage. I need to stack it a lot for Terramorphous fight. Q. Why do you glitch? A. This is a speedrun under SDA rules, anything INSIDE the game is allowed, no third party programs. Q. Isn't that cheating? A. No SDA speedruns allow any glitches to be used. Q I thought "X" was patched A. I am running on Patch 1.1 Q. What is that in the top left? A. Wsplit, I use it to see how well I am doing compared to my last run. Q. Why Gaige? A. Anarchy, Close Enough, Buck Up, Unstoppable Force, all of which I get by level 17 Q. WHy does your shield never go down? A. I use the Buck-Up Glitch to give me constant regen and to turn every hyperion shield into a Bee Q. How come you do "X"? A. Because its faster. Q. Why don't you do "Y"? A. Because it is slower Q. I did it faster A. Prove it. Massive improvement on my previous time. :D I might shoot for 6:30 since there was still a few mistakes.

L.A. Noire Bloopers / Outtakes (Funny Video)

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Why Borderlands' Loot System is BETTER than Borderlands 2

OP8 Ogre: My Twitter: This is a must watch for any Borderlands fan who has not played Borderlands 1. This video illustrates the tremendous decline in the variety of loot from Borderlands to Borderlands 2. My Twitch Channel: Intro sounds from Battlefield 3 gameplay

Borderlands 2 Tips n Tactics: Sanctuary Secrets, Challenges, & Achievements

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Stylish & lively game, but it's a mirage. The imagery has blinded the developers to the shortcomings in the core mechanics. All the gameplay elements are instinctually desirable, but aren't executed rigorously or intelligently. Balance between classes is achieved, but is a simple task when the skills that define them do quite little.

This has cemented my problems with Borderlands too (since they are essentially the same), which I reviewed deficiently some time ago. Ugh. Game depressed me. Boo.

Excuse the hair. Recorded early this morning.

New Hard Drive has meant ballsed-up Codecs, so clearly not executing my game footage properly. Apologies.

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