Borderlands 2 - Review

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Bioshock VS System Shock 2 - Comparison & Review

Bioshock is pretty, System Shock is intelligent. Feedback from knowledgeable fans of both games would be appreciated. Let me know with which points you disagree :) Exceedingly tired at the moment, so excuse the jumbled argumentation. Thanks to Google image search.

How do you play Borderlands Quickly?

Giant FAQ Why do you not use BAR / What are the starting guns - 0:55 Why do you Save/Quit a lot? - 1:36 How do you merge/Why do you use Jakobs Snipers? - 2:47 How do you get Infinite Ammo? - 4:58 How do I get an Infinite Shield? - 8:00 How do I use the Evil Smasher? 11:10 What guns do you use in a speedrun? - 15:10 Why are you farming? - 17:05 How do you grenade jump? - 18:11 Can you use Macros? - 19:28 Patcher thing - Follow me on Twitter for Youtube Updates - Daily Livestreams at - Facebook thing -

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Review

Spoiler-free. Hope you enjoy it. I blame the quality* of this review on sleep deprivation & hurriedly trying to get back to play Skyrim. Probably not going to mean much to you if you're brand new to RPG gaming. Genuine congratulations if you manage to get through this video in 1 sitting. Needs an intermission. Issues since upload: More regular crashes & quest bugs. UI is starting to get on my wick. Phobia of numbers/stats makes details vague (what does dual-casting do? What is a 'level 10' enemy?). Enchanting & crafting negates loot-hunting. Too few outlets for money spending. Selling loot is a chore (Banks & 'letters of credit' back, please). But most importantly: Very little portrayal of consequence for your status / actions. Bugger. Mods required. :) *(Assumption based on my being too tired to judge. Possibly ranty, holier-than-thou, unfocused, with less time spent on image editing. I don't usually deal with reviews of this length. I didn't talk enough about combat (dual-wielding, spells). Is revealing the very general nature of quests a 'spoiler'? I don't know. I should sleep. I keep clicking on the bed and resting for 8 hours, but I'm still tired. I'm sure comments will reveal further shortcomings).

Skyrim: Dawngaurd, Dragonborn & General Mod run-down

A somewhat diffuse video, taking a cursory look at a number of alluring and useful mods (Interesting NPC's and SkyUI being the most vital). Quick DLC reviews at 5:09. Will not be my last Skyrim video - planning a rig upgrade to make Skyrim shinier, and want to talk more in-depth about modding and DLC. I hope this is useful. Ah, yes, decided that PC-Tard was basically slightly offensive. Apologies. PC-Holic. Why not. Links to (most) mentioned mods & tools: Nexus Mod Manager Interesting NPC's SKSE - requirements for SkyUI & others SkyUI Better Dialogue Controls Immersive HUD Categorised Favourites Menu Immersive Patrols Apachii hair Dimonized UNP Layer Bikini for UNP Xenius Character Enhancement Immersive Armours Jaysus Swords Sprint & Jump No NPC Greetings Move it Dammit Lock Smashing BOSS Balanced Destruction Magic Midas Magic Forgotten Magic Make Inferno HD Fire Effects Burn Freeze Shock Effects Moonpath to Elsweyr Skyrim Redone WATER Project Reality Saturation Boost Build your own Home Legend of the Eagles Nest Immersive Creatures (missed this!)

A$AP Ferg - Shabba (Explicit) ft. A$AP ROCKY

TRAP LORD AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE: Download “Shabba” ft. A$AP Rocky: Follow Ferg: Directed by Andrew Hines Music video by A$AP Ferg feat. A$AP Rocky performing Shabba. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Stylish & lively game, but it's a mirage. The imagery has blinded the developers to the shortcomings in the core mechanics. All the gameplay elements are instinctually desirable, but aren't executed rigorously or intelligently. Balance between classes is achieved, but is a simple task when the skills that define them do quite little.

This has cemented my problems with Borderlands too (since they are essentially the same), which I reviewed deficiently some time ago. Ugh. Game depressed me. Boo.

Excuse the hair. Recorded early this morning.

New Hard Drive has meant ballsed-up Codecs, so clearly not executing my game footage properly. Apologies.

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