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GTA 5 FAILS: EP. 35 (GTA 5 Funny Moments Compilation)

GTA 5 Funny Moments & Fails! Grand Theft Auto V Funny Moments Best GTA 5 Stunts ever! ► Watch here: https://goo.gl/LY42Gd ►Help Prestige Clips hit 1M Subscribers in 2016!: http://tiny.cc/subnow◄ ►New store! Gaming T-Shirts/Hoodies, Official Prestige Clips Merch and more!: http://goo.gl/V8SeHo ►Social: Prestige Clips Facebook: http://tiny.cc/21604x Prestige Clips Twitter: http://tiny.cc/wz604x ►Submit a clip! GTA 5 FAILS: http://tinyurl.com/failsgta GTA 5 WINS: http://tinyurl.com/winsgta ►Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!: (In order of appearance) HookedOnFunky FlatFLsurf: https://goo.gl/LBoukx Aeromidd: https://goo.gl/b70AT7 DRTOOTIESROLLS: https://goo.gl/wJ9irM Max K. Daron Beanbag1992: https://goo.gl/XW7JP5 bummermania: https://goo.gl/kfhEI5 Mr Formaggio TalibaNinja97rj: https://goo.gl/aCD3Fm Robert Brunello: https://goo.gl/RCghyx Butterboy101010 MEGASUPERANDY Sudhirrules: https://goo.gl/gH7GTE GoGa_M: https://goo.gl/fPwOx6 KurpCobang: https://goo.gl/cX7ahC Snipey150: https://goo.gl/Gkm5EL KingStunting: https://goo.gl/stSTrN MrJaoG vNima KsNoz: https://goo.gl/VGeHKw Swivel_N_Grind: https://goo.gl/TkUd2F St1ck1402: https://goo.gl/EhVo8g OllhiE Slay_One09 JOHN-DESPOT sb3nar: https://goo.gl/Hwiiga punisherbj14 Sudhirrules: https://goo.gl/gH7GTE ZappierFan KaptainProdex: https://goo.gl/sNcgJw Sharkovisky: https://goo.gl/Tt03ds Beanbag1992: https://goo.gl/XW7JP5 Apokalypto_Moabz relectroCHOC GreyWarden14: https://goo.gl/YD9AIG Park3r__2005: https://goo.gl/N5Gjl9 yannaahg: https://goo.gl/gh4j9J douganater666: https://goo.gl/uk2eQP unlikely143 diegorm1996: https://goo.gl/mIRpsk ItsBananaMan: https://goo.gl/7k2QGB Intangir Voluntaryist: https://goo.gl/bsc5HS Shuri1213: https://goo.gl/dv6pPL punisherbj14 A5TR0N1NJA Psyco-_-Toxins: https://goo.gl/RKlWtA Ivanowski: https://goo.gl/dTAqSk Swiftical: https://goo.gl/td9Oi1 ►Tracks: Stephen Walking - It Came From Planet Earth Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6VsoVv... Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-0LW... Pegboard Nerds - Emoji (Faustix & Fat Pony Remix) iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pin... Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0xJF7k... ►Note: Prestige Clips has permission to feature the clips you see. Most edits are done by Prestige Clips. Thanks to everyone who submits their clips to make these videos possible! :) Thanks for watching! -Marcus, Prestige Clips

Probably in a bush - Fortnite Nintendo Switch Gameplay Livestream

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Fortnite FAILS & Epic Moments #1 (Funny Moments Battle Royale Compilation)

Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments, Fails & Wins Compilation ► Play Fortnite for free here!: http://neva.ly/FortniteBR_PrestigeClips Big thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video. • To play Fortnite Battle Royale for free you can check it out here: http://neva.ly/FortniteBR_PrestigeClips ► If you want to see more make sure you SUBSCRIBE and turn on all notifications! :) ► Submit a Fortnite clip! https://goo.gl/oeNFMg ► Store: (Gamer Hoodies, Tees, Hats) https://www.prestigeclips.com/collections/all ► Social: • Facebook: http://tiny.cc/21604x • Twitter: http://tiny.cc/wz604x ▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!: (In order of appearance) • FAILS/FUNNY MOMENTS: gamerboy592: https://goo.gl/8tMgfF Deadonyx34 Legit Salty likandoo: https://goo.gl/NFdz6F APudgyTeddyBear APudgyTeddyBear Skalzam NL Buhckeyes Chiheb AceZero: https://goo.gl/A7KTu3 MrWhiteWalker mrtubby200: https://goo.gl/P8DfBw Swolybible: https://goo.gl/ut5CLW RealWilluminati Blazed Elite Kadrmaster: https://goo.gl/evzZCq MrCheeseiscool2: https://goo.gl/tzEAVN I Am Rob: https://goo.gl/pXTQ8f NotAPie: https://goo.gl/WFeAkp xXK1ng0fD3rpXx ZeaRk: https://goo.gl/Z7fhnC RizMcDiz: https://goo.gl/zwj2nM windy: https://goo.gl/NWVYXv Saucesonian: https://goo.gl/QqzyZH ★FUNNY MOMENT COTW: JoKin: https://goo.gl/ekK7m4 • EPIC MOMENTS: AnalRoach: https://goo.gl/qQnnHY MrClikici: https://goo.gl/KNhm4B Tier1Noob: https://goo.gl/h33XU4 Thom-Snow: https://goo.gl/PmmnxM Carnifexed: https://goo.gl/6w8dUK RetrohUSA: https://goo.gl/1yTCvd metal_burning: https://goo.gl/pFfzhC Kinsi55: https://goo.gl/ct43bR muselk: https://goo.gl/KbVVEY Brusekurt: https://goo.gl/LxeC8X Nordtorp95 Dragonturtle15: https://goo.gl/NmiKDZ RBitat: https://goo.gl/NUyHRR Yeti Smasher Brad Spitfire TredBobek: https://goo.gl/4en3Rx msgd94 Skyzr: https://goo.gl/13gjkx Burgernavy: https://goo.gl/u6ziXL Snipy Spxz Maysterrr: https://goo.gl/C83rtY Unruly_TaanK: https://goo.gl/ZgnHou Rildom: https://goo.gl/ak86MB Zenicul: https://goo.gl/q32j5Y Poose: https://goo.gl/yLRhuQ Nog: https://goo.gl/ofSx8D TehBurnzy Vexsear: https://goo.gl/MmZuCY ★EPIC MOMENT COTW: RustyBoi: https://goo.gl/DthQUR ★ Please note: Prestige Clips has permission to feature the clips you see. Extra edits by Prestige Clips. If you steal any clips there will be consequences from the original owners or myself. Thanks to everyone who submits their clips to make these videos possible! :) Prestige Clips thumbnails are also protected by copyright and stealing them will result in copyright strikes. L Thanks for watching! -Marcus, Prestige Clips

Monster School: FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE CHALLENGE - Minecraft Animation

Video For This Week The Monster School decided to make a competition in FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE game. Let me know if you want part 2, by clicking the LIKE button. Monster School : Fortnite Monster School : Fortnite Competition Music: ✔️https://incompetech.com If you want to watch more monster school animation click here, My Monster School Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObCn4yWgmGw&list=PLkIf4V1s9enw1GUsONdRM3M0lz4Odjw8b Brought to you by PlataBush

Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks

(Turn on captions [CC] in the lower right corner for more information while viewing.) I made a brick mold that makes bricks 25 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm from wood. A log was split and mortise and tenon joints were carved using a stone chisel and sharp rocks. The mold was lashed together with cane to prevent it from coming apart when used. Next, I made a mixture of mud and palm fiber to make the bricks. This was then placed into the mold to be shaped and taken to a drying area. 140 bricks were made. When dry, the bricks were then assembled into a kiln. 32 roof tiles were then made of mud and fired in the kiln. It only took 3 hours to fire the tiles sufficiently. The mud bricks and tiles were a bit weaker than objects made from my regular clay source because of the silt, sand and gravel content of the soil. Because of this, I will look at refining mud into clay in future projects instead of just using mud. Interestingly, the kiln got hot enough so that iron oxide containing stones began to melt out of the tiles. This is not metallic iron, but only slag (iron oxide and silica) and the temperature was probably not very high, but only enough to slowly melt or soften the stones when heated for 3 hours. The kiln performed as well as the monolithic ones I've built in the past and has a good volume. It can also be taken down and transported to other areas. But the bricks are very brittle and next time I'd use better clay devoid of sand/silt, and use grog instead of temper made of plant fiber which burns out in firing. The mold works satisfactorily. I aim to make better quality bricks for use in furnaces and buildings in future. Wordpress: https://primitivetechnology.wordpress.com Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2945881 I have no face book page, instagram, twitter etc. Beware of fake pages.

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

🔮 HIGH im KINGBONG and WELCOME to my channel. I'm live from Los Angeles, CA but i am originally from Little Rock, AR. So come in sub up lets's Chill, Chat and Chief. 💚

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I play all different types these are a few 👾 - GTA V 🚓 - Gears of War 💞 - PUBG 🔥 - Fallout 🛐 - Super Mario - Zelda BOTW - Fortnite - Rocket League - Fight N Rage - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Tekken 7 - Sonic the Hedgehog - Friday the 13th - The Sims - Minecraft - H1Z1 - Doom - Twisted Metal - Notmycar - League of Legends - Sea of Thieves

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