Reassembly - Review

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Reassembly Review

Today I will be diving into my first ever review with Reassembly! Reassembly's Steam page - Reassembly's Wiki - Follow me on twitter @legomrbob

Bomber Crew Review

Bomber Crew reviewed by GB Burford on PC. Watch more IGN Game Reviews here! Subscribe to IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+:

Reassembly - Intro Guide & 16x Obliterator Weapon Pod Carrier Tutorial

Probably a one-off video on this great little indie game that's the love child of LEGO spaceships and Asteroids: ambient redeisgn and ongoing battle in a dense, 2D galaxy of other competing designs. I introduce most of the basic game-play concepts in the first half. Then, around 5m14s, there's a more detailed tutorial on how to build a Sentinel faction weapon pod carrier ship that can hold 16 (or more!) "Obliterator" LASER turrets (you are normally only able to have 2 of these in each ship design). There seems to be a pretty active modding community involved with the game, but I haven't installed any, as yet, so this is an un-modded trick! Fleet file download (of carrier and pods) from the 'wormhole': Or DropBox: * VIDEO CREDITS: Reassembly by Arther Danskin (buy direct or on Steam). Music from the original game soundtrack by Peter Brown (Peaks). "Vector Carnage", Track3_Build, "Matrix Massacre". (See description for links.) Video made using FRAPS, Cropper, Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13. All footage shot in the base game with no mods. * FURTHER INFO and LINKS: For the biggest Reassembly tournaments around (and several let's play series on the game) check out Deluks: (A fleet of my ship designs gets stomped in his first fleet tournament, right here: Good introductory game guide on Steam: Great independent fan site with guides, articles, etc: Sumplkrum covered my idea here! Plus, made his own nuke carrier: Official game forum:

Kahr CW9 Review/ takedown + reassembly

From what I've researched the occasional dry fire on a centerfire gun (like the Kahr or a Glock) isn't as harmful as it is for other kinds. Guns that are rimfire should generally not be dry fired as it will/might damage the firing pin easily (like a .22 pistol for example). But still, don't go around dry firing like an idiot. The Kahr CW9 doesn't have any external safeties. It just has a long pull on the trigger which, at first, is hard to get used to. The long pull was challenging for me at first because I was overcompensating at the last second. A guy at my range suggested having a friend load a snap cap into the mag without me knowing which one it was. If you feel like you're overcompensating for the pull, once you hit that snap cap you'll see yourself compensating. Something about actually seeing yourself move forward to compensate helps curb the habit. Disclaimer: I don't claim to be a gun expert in any way. I strive for safety and respect. If I use improper terminology or handled the firearm incorrectly, please let me know in a non-troll way. Thanks!

[SPACE GAMES] Reassembly REVIEW - March 2016

Hello and welcome to What Da Math?! Check out the new Patreon page and help the channel grow: This interesting and simple looking game had a mixed selection of reviews on Steam and I wanted to take a look at it and see if it actually is worth playing. Turns out, it's pretty awesome! Check it out here: Join me on Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Thank you and please SUBSCRIBE

Scratches gameplay itches that few games can - reminiscent of Tyrian& Master of Orion 2 combat & customisation, but more so, fused with Lego ingenuity.

*fwoosh* *zap zap*

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