403. Top 10+ Worst Crash Tests

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Mercedes Benz vs. Audi vs. Volvo vs. Jeep vs. Mazda vs. Chevrolet vs. BMW - Crash Test

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Top 5 Out of Control Machines

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Here's Everything That's Broken on My Bargain Rolls Royce Phantom

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AMAZING CAR SHREDDERS COMPILATION 2018 ----------------------------------------

alternative title: Actual Proof of Why GM Chevy Sucks! - Part 18
Top 21 Worst Crash Tests
Top 10 Worst Crash Tests
World's Worst Crash Tests
The Planet's Worst Crash Tests
Worst Crash Tests Ever
Worst Crash Tests on the Planet
Worst Crash Tests in the World
Worst Crash Tests in the Whole World
Worst Crash Tests in the Whole Wide World
Most Unsafe Cars
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World's Worst Cars
Highest Death Rate Cars
Cars with Highest Death Rate
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In order to have a fair comparison, only frontal offset tests, also called moderate overlap tests, that are done specifically at 40 miles per hour into a deformable barrier with a 40 % overlap are used.
Despite the name of this video, this actually shows the worst performing cars in the crash tests, rather than the methodologies of the system. This is done to make the title concise and to reduce confusion.


Chevrolet Cavalier (1995-2005)
Chevy Cavalier (1995-2005)
Pontiac Sunfire (1995-2005)
Toyota Cavalier (1996-2000)

source: IIHS via CR


Fiat Punto (1994-1999)
Fiat 176

source: Euro NCAP


Kia Sephia (1997-2004)
Kia Mentor (1997-2004)
Kia Shuma (1997-2004)
Kia Spectra (1997-2004)

source: IIHS via Dateline NBC


Chevrolet Astro (1995-2005)
Chevy Astro (1995-2005)
GMC Safari (1995-2005)

source: IIHS


Daewoo Leganza (1997-2002)
Doninvest Kondor (1999-2000)
Daewoo V100

source: IIHS via Dateline NBC, ANCAP


Citroën Saxo (1996-2003)
Peugeot 106 (1996-2003)
Citroën Chanson (1996-2003)

source: Euro NCAP


Saab 900 (1994-1998)
Saab NG
Saab NG900
General Motors 900
GM 900

source: IIHS, Euro NCAP


Mazda BT-50 (2007-2011)
Ford Ranger (2007-2011) (non-US)
Mazda J97M

source: Euro NCAP, ANCAP


Brilliance BS6 (2001-2007)
Zhonghua Zunchi (2001-2007)
Brilliance Zhonghua (2001-2007)
Brilliance M1 (2001-2007)
Brilliance Galena (2001-2007)
Huachen Zunchi (2001-2007)

source: ADAC


Ford F-150 (1997-2003)
Ford F-150 (2004) (non-US)
Ford F-150 Heritage (2004)
Ford Lobo (2004-2010)
Lincoln Blackwood (2002-2003)
Ford F-250 (199?-201?) (Mexico)

source: IIHS


Pontiac Trans Sport (1997-1999)
Pontiac Montana (1999-2004)
Buick GL8 (2000-2010)
Buick GL8 FirstLand (2011-2017)
Buick GL8 Business Edition (20??-20??)
Chevrolet Venture (1997-2005)
Chevy Venture (1997-2005)
Oldsmobile Silhouette (1997-2004)
Chevrolet Trans Sport (1997-2004)
Chevy Trans Sport (1997-2004)
Opel Sintra (1997-2000)
Vauxhall Sintra (1997-2000)
General Motors GMT200

source: IIHS, Euro NCAP


Ford Sierra (1986-1991)
Merkur XR4Ti (1986-1989)
Ford P100 (1988-1993)

source: TRL


Jiangling Landwind X6 (2005-20??)
JMC Landwind X6 (2005-20??)
Landwind X6 (2005-20??)
Jiangling Baowei (2005-20??)
JMC Baowei (2005-20??)
Jiangling Landwind X-Pedition (2007-20??)
Landwind X-Pedition (2007-20??)

source: ADAC


Geely CK (2006-2016)
Geely Otaka (2007-2008)
Geely Echo (2006-2016)
Gleagle CK (2006-2016)

source: ARCAP, Latin NCAP


Austin Metro (1981-1990)
Austin Mini Metro (1981-1990)
Rover Metro (1981-1994)
MG Metro (1983-1990)
Morris Metro (1981-1990)
Morris Metro Van (1981-1990)
Rover 100 (1991-1998)

source: Euro NCAP


Ford Courier (1999-2006)
Mazda Bravo (1999-2006)
Mazda Fighter (1999-2006)
Mazda Proceed (1999-2006)
Ford Ranger (1999-2006) (non-US)
Mazda UN

source: ANCAP


Fiat Seicento (1998-2006)
Fiat 600 (2005-2010)

source: Euro NCAP


Proton Saga (1986-1992)
Proton 1.3 (1990-1992)
Proton 1.5 (1990-1992)
Proton 12-Valve (1991-1992)

source: ASEAN NCAP


Proton Arena (2002-2010)
Proton Jumbuck (2002-2010)

source: ANCAP


Chery A15 (2003-2010)
Chery Amulet (2003-2010)
Chery Flagcloud (2003-2010)
Chery Qiyun (2003-2010)
Chery Viana (2003-2010)
Vortex Corda (2003-2010)

source: Авторевю

...and finally...
Last but not least, the...


Nissan Sentra (1991-1994)
Nissan Sunny (1991-1994)
Nissan V16 (1992-2017)
Nissan Tsuru (1992-2017)
Nissan Sentra B13 (1995-2017)
Nissan Sentra Clásico (1995-2017)
Nissan Sentra Genesis (1991-2017)
Nissan B13

source: Latin NCAP

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It is appalling how 4 of the 21 vehicles in this video are General Motors (GM) vehicles! It seems obvious that GM did not care about safety. It should also be noted that all of those cars were released after the proposal of the frontal offset crash test.

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