BRAP RANT: Huge Xbox Game Pass News! Nintendo and Cardboard

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BRAP RANT: E3 Relevance / The Damage Control...Stop It

Sony announced their plans for this year's E3, which begs the question...Will E3 still be relevant? And the damage control over MS short comings with the Xbox One, has to stop. We'll tell you why! As an official affilate of the The Inncer Circle Games Network, please make sure to check out

BRAP RANT: XBOX Sold 29 Million! / More E3 Leaks

Xbox has sold 29.5 Million consoles, according to EA. What does this mean? And more E3 Leaks! Dont forget to check out for the latest in gaming news! BRAP is an official affiliate of The Inner Circle Network!

Microsoft has just announced a big update to it's Game Pass Service. New MS Published exclusive games, will now be available on Game Pass, the same day they launch. I'll give you my thoughts on how this impacts Xbox and the industry. Also, I'll give you a spicy take on Nintendo Labo!

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