Calvin Klein CK One Summer Fragrance 2015 (Review)

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Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2018

In this video I'm not gonna be giving a review about a fragrance but I'm gonna discuss an issue considering Calvin Klein's newest release of this year. It is their summer flanker of the already world famous Calvin Klein CK One. Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2018 really smells very much the same like Calvin Klein Ck One Summer 2016. It shocked me when I finally found out that they both have the same notes. However, I don't wanna say that it smells bad, in fact, it smells gorgeous! But we just can't ignore the fact that they smell the same. I'm speechless and sad at the same time because Calvin Klein is one of my most favourite brands in the entire world! When I smelled CK One Summer 2012 for the first time, and by the way, this was my very very first fragrance ever, I was blown away by it's scent. The quality and passion behind every each fragrance by Calvin Klein is almost indescribable. Until they did this. I think that one of the arguments why they released it would probably be that most of the people forgot how the 2016 version smells. A pro for this fragrance would be the design of the bottle - always simple in its shape, sophisticated and unique at the same. I hope that this is not gonna repeat itself. Thank you for watching my video and please don't forget to subscribe and like 👍 this one! The bottle presented is a 3.4 fl oz, 100ml EDT bottle made in France Fragrance ad: Follow me on Facebook Instagram Twitter Soundcloud

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