New 2017 Corvette z06 vs Shelby GT500 - 1/4 mile drag race,exhaust sound and top speed

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Coyote Mustang vs Hellcat Challenger-1/4 mile drag race

The ower of Coyote engine 5.0L V-8 vs power of Dodge Hellcat Challenger.Two close races between the best of american muscle cars.Soun,top speed and acceleration.

Procharged Shelby GT350 vs C7 Z06

This is the worlds first F1a Procharged Shelby GT350. It has ARH Long Tubes, OEM mufflers, Fore fuel system and runs on E85. It was built by Cordes Performance Racing and put down 923 rwhp on the stock bottom end. The C7 Z06 is Automatic and is believed to be close to stock. Video from Shifts3ctor's California Airstrip Attack in Coalinga CA. Enjoy.

World's Fastest Z06 vs Underground Lamborghini

Twin Turbo Underground Racing Lambo vs the current Z06 1/4 mile record holder with a 9.3 second pass. This Z06 also holds the record for fastest Z06 in a standing mile. The Vette was built by AMP - Advanced Modern Performance in Dallas, TX That Lambo MPH is ridiculous! ------------------ Subscribe ► Fan Page ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Snapchat ► hightechvette

Shelby Super Snake vs ZL1 Chevy Camaro-1/4 mile drag race

Modern muscle cars drag race.Shelby Super Snake GT500 takes on ZL1 Camaro.The best Of American muscle cars sound,top speed,acceleration and burnouts.Need loans ,mortgage or credit?Probably yes to buy one of this cars.-U need insurance before watch it

Shelby gt500 vs Hellcat Charger - drag race

Ford vs Dodge.Two of the most powerful modern muscle cars face to face drag race.This manual Shelby gt500 is modified to 650 hp vs stock Dodge Hellcat Charger.The best of drag races,sound and acceleration of modern muscle cars.

Manual Shelby gt500 takes on new C7 Corvette z06. Who's quicker ?
Pure sound,acceleration and top speed of two of the best american cars.

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