Compilation of Ridiculous Car Crash and Slip & Slide Winter Weather - Part 1

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'Tis the Season... for snow crashes! Subscribe: | Facebook: Submit your video: Business inquiries/contact: ▾▾▾ More awesome stuff below ▾▾▾ TNT Channel prepared for you a video of SNOW CRASHES, check it out! So there you have it! SNOW CRASHES. Eyes on the Road! Watch how these vehicles got in trouble. Video Sources: ДТП Внезапно улетел с дороги. Сябреницы, Новгородская область ДТП Легковушка жестко залетела под Камаз в гололед на трассе Авария на аварии ДТП Санкт-Петербург 26.11.2016 Compilation d'accident de voiture n°158 + Bonus Car crash compilation #158 Занос на 150 км/час Водитель погиб на трассе М4 под Тулой не справившись с управлением 09 января 2016 г. ДТП трасса Иваново - Владимир. КИА РИО ЛОБОВОЕ СТОЛКНОВЕНИЕ ПОД ФЕДОРОВКОЙ ПОПАЛО НА ВИДЕО ДТП Авария в гололед на трассе. Уфа 27.11.2016 ДТП Занесло при перестроение на скользкой дороге. Томск пр-кт Мира ДТП Джип превысил скорость на скользкой дороге и разбил 4 машины ДТП Обнинск 18.11.2016 Disclaimer: We try to reach out to all creators to ask for permission to use their videos in our compilations. Did we miss you? PLEASE contact us at before filing a copyright claim - we will do our best to come to an agreement! --------------------- subscribe SNOW CRASHES: Subscribe to TNT Channel Channel to make sure you catch the absolute best in EPIC VIDEOS! Thanks for watching TNT Channel! More on TNT Channel: Black Friday Madness ★ BLACK FRIDAY Fights 2016 Caught on Tape: NEAR DEATH Experiences Caught on CAMERA: UFO Caught on Tape: DOGS Being RESCUED ★ People Saving Dogs From Death: FUNNY COOKING FAILS: Best Street Knockouts: POLICE CAR CRASHES ★ Police Car Accidents: Soldiers Coming Home to Their Kids: STUPID PEOPLE Do Stupid Things: MAD SCIENCE ★ Crazy Experiments: FEARLESS ANIMALS ★ Animals Who Are Not Afraid of Anything: DASH CAM TAXI CRASHES ★ Dash Cam Taxi Accidents [Epic Dash Cam]: MISSILE LAUNCHING ★ Epic Missile Launches: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY ★ CREEPIEST Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape: Flipping Cars Caught on DASH CAM ★ Dash Cam FLIPPING CARS: Explosions in Slow Motion ★ Epic Explosions: Dash Cam Flying Cars ★ Car Flying Caught on Dash Cams: Trampoline Fails 2016 ★ BEST Trampoline Fails: Head On CRASHES ★ Dash Cam Crashes: Worst AIRPLANE CRASHES Caught on TAPE : HEAVY EQUIPMENT ACCIDENTS Caught on Tape: EXTREME WILD WINDS ★ Strongest WINDS Caught on Tape: Chuck Norris SHOOTING Random People 😂 EPIC FAILS Assisted by CHUCK NORRIS: DEADLIEST Hurricanes of ALL TIME : Women DRIVERS ★ WORST Female Drivers Caught on DASH CAM: REAL LIFE HEROES ★ GOOD SAMARITANS Saving PEOPLE From DEATH: Hurricane Matthew CAUGHT ON TAPE: PIZDETS COMPILATION ★ Russian DASH CAM VIDEOS: Epic Megacorp Network: Adrenaline Channel: Epic Dash Cam Channel: Epic Fitness Channel: Epic Food Channel: Epic Girls Channel: Epic Laughs Channel: Epic Life Channel: Epic Lists Channel: Epic Method Channel: Epic Motivation Channel: Epic Music Channel: Epic Play Channel: Epic Surf Channel: Funny Pets: TNT Channel: Trip Burger Network: Trip Burger Laughs: Trip Burger Pets:

9/12/2013 Colorados Big Thompson Canyon Extreme Flash Flooding

The video posted to our Youtube Channel is NOT sponsored and Youtube Advertising deems storm chasing and natural disaster videos as not advertiser friendly. If you would like to support us, click on the link below to visit our merchandise store. Raw footage from the front lines as a cameraman follows along with the Fire Department responing to some of the Extreme Flooding from the Big Thompson Canyon this evening between Loveland, CO and Estes Park, CO. Land Lines and Cellular phone coverage is down and power is flashing in Estes Park, CO. Travel is not advised, it just is impossible as Highway's 7, 34, and 36 are gone because they are just washed out. Clip 1: Water over flowing the Edited at the mouth of the Big Thompson and over topping the control gate. Long clip that shows massive flooding and workers opening more flood gates. Clip 2: Shot of flooding sign with flooding in the background with the sign saying you are entering Big Thompson Canyon. Clip 3: Park flooding. Footage from above the park. Clip 4: Driving along the river in the Big Thompson Canyon. Clip 5: Driving along the road as part of the bank is eroding. Extreme flooding in the river next to the road and then a waterfall on the side of the road on the right side. Clip 6: POV driving shot through high water while following fire crews they were documenting. Clip 7: Crews setting up for a rescue. Long clip that shows extreme flooding and a car that almost went into the water with skid tracks that go to the edge. Clip 8: Shows a home getting blasted by ragging flood water. Camera pans back to the fire crews setting up with a hook and ladder truck to rescue people on the other side of the river. Clip 9: Water blasting the side of the roadway as it undercuts the road and you can see chunks of the road fall away into the water. Clip pans to the across the river from on top of the fire truck as crews rig up to bring more people back to safety. Clip 10 More raging flood water and now shows the road is gone due to the flooding. Clip 11: Further down the road that shows more raging flood water under cutting the roadway. © SID: Justin King

Vehicles Falling Through Ice Compilation

Just a friendly reminder to be safe during the ice fishing season. Remember to Subscribe!!!! Draws for prizes that are limited to Subscribers are coming soon. My Facebook Page is:

Black Ice Accidents Compilation #1

A compilation of slipping, sliding and crashing on black ice. All Accidents are non-fatal. Video is for educational purposes only. Please remember to drive safely and take videos like this as a learning tool! Please hit the LIKE button! Subscribe for more videos! Support the channel: Like us on Facebook: e-mail: Original Videos: #1 - Uploaded by Jason Jenny. #2 - Uploaded by Secret Public Stash. #3 - Uploaded by Gerardo's DashCam. #4 - Uploaded by toly del. #5 - Uploaded by Car Crash Russian. #6 - Uploaded by m67432. #7 - Uploaded by MrJohnyBanton. #8 - Uploaded by MrJohnyBanton. #9 - Uploaded by RoadCams. #10 - Uploaded by Евлампий Йипмалве. #11 - Uploaded by knightwing4. #12 - Uploaded by khexi. #13 - Uploaded by OSHP. #14 - Uploaded by Car Crash Russian. #15 - Uploaded by Daniel Herron. #16 - Uploaded by Nick. #17 - Uploaded by Scyzor75. #18 - Uploaded by Mad Cityguy. #19 - Uploaded by RoadCams. #20 - Uploaded by Brian Sudd. #21 - Uploaded by Cash Verner. #22 - Uploaded by Joe Turmes. #23 - Uploaded by Oleksiy. #24 - Uploaded by krutoy57. #25 - Uploaded by ExtremeCrashTV. #26 - Uploaded by RUSDTP. #27 - Uploaded by driverwithacamera. #28 - Uploaded by Steven Turner. #29 - Uploaded by Earl A. #30 - Uploaded by Earl A. #31 - Uploaded by mike boggs. #32 - Uploaded by ОТВ Приморье. #33 - Uploaded by Valerie Johnson. #34 - Uploaded by Happi Fix. #35 - Uploaded by 1976 Comet. #36 - Uploaded by Александр Анатольевич Яковлев. If any of the materials used in this video belongs to you, please contact us IMMEDIATELY for further credits or removal.

The Winter Storm Car Sliding and Traffic Chaos 2017

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Compilation edit of ridiculous Car Crashes and winter weather "Slip and Slide" on the roads by Professional Videographer, Doug Kiesling

Footage of numerous car crashes, spin outs, stuck cars, and even some guy falling on Nicollet Mall.

As far as we know, nobody was killed in any of the accidents in the crashes in this video. But A LOT of ego's were probably bruised :-)

All footage shot while working freelance for various television news networks.

*** Update *** We have posted Part 2 of this video on line at

Contact to license the clips in this video.

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