The Truth About Working for UPS EXPOSED!

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Pros & Cons of Working at UPS (Part 1) - Pros

Part 2 - Detailing the Pros and Cons of working at UPS Part 1 is pros Part 2 is cons. This video should help answer the questions "Should I apply at UPS?" "Is UPS a good place to work?" "Good things about working at UPS" "Bad things about working at UPS" PROS 1.Union Join - Hard to get fired, Can’t get laid off, Other benefits of being in a union such as being able to transition to other jobs at other companies 2.Benefits - Good benefits and healthcare that you don’t have to pay for directly at least 3.Part Time - If you have other things going on like school or second jobs, its part time so it goes well with most schedules. Different shifts etc 4.Potential to move up - Its not quite a dead end job, you can do different things to get a pay raise, sorting, feeder etc. You can become a driver after a few years and make well over 60k a year with no education. Alternatively you can become a supervisor 5.If your introverted its good because you don’t really have to talk to people much. You are mostly alone throughout the days. 6.Pay raises every year 7.You can meet some really great peop

Michael Moore- The Awful Truth- UPS

From the Michael Moore show, The Awful Truth. Moore's go-to guy does some digging about scandalous labor issues on the part of UPS.

National Geographic Ultimate Factories UPS Worldport 1 of 3

National Geographic Ultimate Factories UPS Worldport 1 of 3 National Geographic Ultimate Factories UPS Worldport 2 of 3 National Geographic Ultimate Factories UPS Worldport 3 of 3


David recounts his run-ins with various unions, which were not very pleasant experiences! David is no fan of unions as a result. According to Unions, they have your back if you get into trouble. So basically if you are dishonest or incompetent, they got you...but for legitimate issues, all they have is excuses... Have you had similar experiences? Tell us in the comments section below!

David talks about what it was like working for United Parcel, which is a tough, dirty under-appreciated job.

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