Mortal Kombat X vs Injustice 2 who won ?

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Yo I came out killing them out the gate!!!!! | Mortal Kombat Klassic tower

I hope u guys enjoy the video It a klassic tower fight with Liu Kang I personal have fun making mkx videos for u guys I’m a bit rusty on the sticks but I warm up eventually as always if your new don’t forget to subscribe like, and, comment and if u guys want me to do anything specifically as far as the gameplay is concern just leave it in the comments

My top 3 champion cars | Forza Motorsport 5

Hey guys let me tell u rn I really enjoyed reciting this video. Y’all know that I love racing games and handing picking my favorite 3 cars to race with to show you guys was so fun I hope u guys enjoy the video as much as I had fun recording it as always tho if your finding me for the first time don’t forget to drop a like share n comment down below see you guys in the next race net me know if u guys want more 😊

Top five reason why i think you shouldn’t buy jays

Wassup guys tito here n I hope u guys are enjoying your day anyways this is a list I compiled on why u shouldn’t get jays this is my opinion n u guys can disagree or agree as much as u want lol anyway if u new subscribe and drop a like as well I’ll see u guys in the next one


Hey guys I hope ya enjoy the video, I always enjoy making content like this for you guys. For this video as I can tell by the title I used batman lol it’s my variation of batman beyond. If your new don’t forget to subscribe and as always don’t forget to drop a like share the vid and comment down below see you in the next one

Rocket League | season mode w/ Batmobile

hey guys Tito here and ik I've been home for two weeks it's because getting over a cold but I'm back baby and uploading again lol I hope u guys enjoy the gameplay I'll probably make a dries of this so I look forward to tht anyways as always if ur new subscribe and don't forget to smash tht like button

epic matchups I hope u guys enjoy the vid u guys can decide who wins in the comments if your new subscribe and smash the like button anyways I hope u guys enjoy the vid 😊

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