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R.I.P Charlotte Emily/the marionette puppet/if you want to hear the story description

Charlotte Emily is the puppet and Charlotte's dad is Henry Emily is purple guy's cousin Charlotte has a twin brother named Sammy and Charlotte is a girl purple guy's niece is the puppet Charlotte Emily Charlotte's uncle is purple guy Sammy uncle is purple guy purple guy his nephew is Sammy Charlotte is cousins with circus baby so is Sammy after purple guy burnt inside the animatronic suit inside the last Pizzeria Five Nights at Freddy's simulator that Pizzeria and the one who burned down was Henry Henry's the guy that you talk to when your Salvage things and when purple guy died he went to hell in his little own personal hell and that is ultimate custom night circus baby soul went to heaven so did Charlotte's but Sammy is still alive and after Charlotte's soul went to heaven he turned to a puppet human Peak and Sammy can die normally but he has powers and he can also turn to Lefty and if you want to learn more buy the book if you can find Nights at Freddy's the fourth closet

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Live in Paradise (EP)1

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The adventure of Sammy and lilly/ my GF the person who made the song their channel description

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