Just Ski - Indie Skiing Physics Based Game

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Ski Technique - Physics 101

Ski Lesson - Piste to Peak Volume #1 - Chapter 2... To understand the skills involved in skiing, first you need to understand some very basic physics. Piste to Peak Volume 1 covers skiing fundamentals and will teach you everything your ski instructor knows about ski technique... A great instructional video for intermediate to expert level skiers looking to improve their skiing or for ski instructors looking for a better understanding of technique. The full video is available here: http://www.section8ski.com/videos/ Or join the 'Science Friction Club' and diagnose your own ski technique with Section 8's FREE skiing self assessment tool: http://www.section8ski.com/the-science-friction-project/

Just Ski - Reaching the Cabin (Front Flips Only)


Ark: Oasis Theme Park - Battleships Board Game In Ark! [4]

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Just Ski - "Cabin front flips only"

Short and easy game IMO. Just use your mouse to control the speed of your character. Just Ski on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/740230

Physics of Racing - STREIF

Just Ski is a difficult, minimalist, one-more-try, physics powered game to frustrate and reward you. Since the Winter Olympics is on, I thought this would be a great game to show you.
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Outro Music: Boss Battle by Harbinger Loops


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