Canon EOS 200D Unboxing and Review // The Best Entry level DSLR for Vloggers

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Canon 200d | Top 5 Reasons to Buy | Perfect DSLR for beginners

The canon 200D emerged as one of the best budget dslr out there with Dual pixel auto focus which is a flagship feature previously available only on more high end canon dslr camera. The canon 200D or also known as canon SL2 is undoubtedly the best budget dslr for beginners because it's both budget friendly and also easy to use. The canon 200D has 24.2 MP camera with great auto focus which is really good for vloggers or selfie lovers because it also has the flippable display and the display is of really good quality with full touchscreen. The touchscreen makes it really easy to interact and use the device without a hitch. The canon 200d has great battery life with 1040 mah battery, it can take a whopping 650 shots or 2 hrs of movie recording which is really amazing and during my usage I mostly used it for video and I must say that the battery life is really good. The external mic input on canon 200d is really handy for great audio. You can hook up an external mic and you can get some really good audio quality out the video so it's a great dslr for videographers. The canon 200d also has the easy to use time lapse video option using which you can easily take amazing time lapse videos without intervalometer or know all the complicated things to shoot time lapse on the canon 200d. So Overall the canon 200d is the best budget dslr for beginners with great features like dual pixel auto focus, external mic input, great battery life, compact size with great easy of use. I hope you found my video helpful. Please LIKE & SHARE the video and also SUBSCRIBE!! Check out the latest price or buy from my affiliate links below. (Amazon) (Flipkart) (( My Youtube gear )) My Laptop - My Main Camera - Main tripod with fluid head - My basic tripod - My dolly skater - My mic - My fav. Mobile camera (Videos) - My Primary Phone (Present) -

Canon EOS 200D / SL2 (Unboxing and First Impressions)

My unboxing and first impressions of the Canon EOS 200D / SL2. I had removed the strap from the box prior to shooting this video and forgot to put it back. The beginner's menu mode was also turned off when shooting the video. I didn't realize it until after I was done shooting.

Best Camera for Beginners - Sony vs Canon (2018 Edition)

Comparing the Sony a6000 to the Canon Rebel SL2 (EOS 200D), two entry-level cameras to see which is the best starting point for beginners: mirrorless or DSLRs. Thanks for watching, please like, comment, & subscribe. ============================= Table of Contents: ============================= 0:00 - Intro & Meeting the Contestants 0:48 - Note about Camera Canada 1:20 - Why I Chose the Rebel SL2 & Sony a6000 1:44 - Other Models Worth Mentioning (T6i, Nikon D3400, etc.) 2:55 - Unboxing: Why Start with Lens Kits? 3:43 - Discussing Focal Lengths & Crop Factors 4:28 - Briefly Explaining Apertures 5:03 - Comparing Size & Features 5:35 - The Differences with the Screens 6:13 - Dual Pixel Autofocus & Touch Capabilities 6:56 - Electronic vs Optical Viewfinders 8:09 - Image Quality & Side-by-Side Comparison 9:21 - What about Video? 9:48 - Ergonomics & Menus 10:14 - Upgrade Paths: Thinking Ahead with Lenses ============================= Buy the Sony a6000: ============================= Camera Canada: Amazon: ============================= Buy the Canon Rebel SL2: ============================= Camera Canada: Amazon: ============================= Other Relevant Links: ============================= Camera Canada's Website: Camera Canada's Instagram: Camera Canada's Facebook: ============================= Gear I Use to Make Videos: ============================= ============================= Follow Me: ============================= Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ============================= Affiliate Links: ============================= Some of the links in my video descriptions are affiliate links, which means, at no extra cost to you, I will make a small commission if you click them and make a purchase. If you have a different purchase in mind and would still like to support me, you can use these storewide links below. Amazon: B&H Photo: ============================= Music: ============================= Much of the music you hear in my videos is provided by Soundstripe. Use this link to get an exclusive offer for signing up: And use the coupon code UNDONE for additional savings. =============================

Is the CANON SL2 (200D) Worth Buying in 2018?

Today we're checking out one of the most talked about budget cameras currently on the market! The Canon SL2 (200D) is Canons first rung in their DSLR ladder, should this low cost camera be considered when looking for a first tool for creating YouTube videos? Let's find out today! Canon SL2 (200D) Check out my full gear list at Kit! Follow me on Instagram! Follow me on Twitter! P.O. BOX! NO CURRENT P.O. BOX DO NOT SEND MAIL TO THE LAST ONE!!! DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the Amazon product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this.

Canon SL2 (200D) vs Nikon D5600 - Best Beginner DSLR 2018!

✅✅ Best Beginner DSLR's: ✅✅ Canon SL2: ✅✅ Nikon D5600: ✅✅ Canon 200D: Canon SL2 vs Nikon D5600, Canon 200D vs Nikon D5600 ------ Hey whats up everyone, my names Chris Winter and in this video I’m going to go over some of the key differences and similarities between the brand new Canon SL2 and the Nikon D5600 so hopefully I can help you choose which one will be best for you. Build Quality So I want to start off this comparison by first comparing the size and shape of these two cameras. Now as you can see, these are both two compact cameras from both NIkon and Canon and to me this is great. Compared to larger cameras like the Canon 80D or the Nikon D7500, both of these cameras are really quite small for DSLR's. The Canon 200D is one of the smallest DSLR's in the world, just like it's predecessor the SL1 and the Nikon D5600 is actually pretty small too. Now to be fair, some people do prefer having larger camera bodies, especially when shooting with larger telephoto lenses like this, but for me, i love a smaller body. And thats because it makes it really easy to carry these cameras aroudn with you all day without it getting in the way or getting a sore shoulder. Battery Life I quickly want to touch on the battery life between these two cameras, and this is where I really found that the Nikon won out. Overall I was able to get around about 750-800 shots on the Nikon D5600 when shooting stills. In comparison, I was only able to get about 550-650 shots on the Canon SL2 when shooting stills. Now is that a big difference? Well if you know you are goign to be shooting a lot of photos in one day, it might be. Again, I'd always recommend carrying an extra battery, but the D5600 is a winner here. In terms of video battery life though I found that they were both about even and I'd definitely recommend investing in one or two more batteries if you are going to be shooting a lot of video. Focus Points Let's talk about autofocus in stills now and it was actually pretty even. Overall I did find that the Nikon D5600 was snappier though with it's autofocus in stills compared to the 200D, but not by a long shot. The Canon SL2 was incredibly quick to lock onto it's targets, although I did find that the D5600 was slightly more conistent. This is likely because the Nikon D5600 has 39 Autofocus points, compared to just 9 on the Canon 200D. Now for most day to day shooting, both of these cameras will work well, but the D5600 is slightly better for sports and wildlife shooting. LCD Screens Let's turn these cameras around to the back now and take a look at the LCD Screens. I've been using the Nikon D5600 for quite a while now, a little over a year and one of my favorite inclusions on it is it's fully artuclating screen. It's actually quite funny because it's actually one of Nikons only DSLR's that has this articulating screen. More expensive cameras such as the Nikon D7500 and the Nikon D500 have a different flip screen and it's no where near as good. The Canon 200D has a brilliant arituclating screen that is also fully touch screen as well. These really are great becasue they allow you to flip the screen in any direction that you want, and if you pair it up with the Canon SL2's brilliant video autofocus, you can really have a power video camera on your hands. Video AF One of the best new features on the Canon SL2 is it’s new autofocus system in video mode, which to me is a lot better than the D3400’s. The 200D got an upgrade to dual pixel autofocus which is actually found in much more expensive cameras such as the Canon 80D, 7D Mark ii and 5D Mark 4. With dual pixel autofocus, where ever you point your camera, it’ll smoothly and cinematically come into focus. It really is so easy. And if you pair that up with the touch screen, you can simply touch on the screen on whatever you want to be in focus and it will do all the focus work for you. The D5600 on the other hand doesn’t have anywhere near as relaible autofocus in video. Although it does attempt to autofocus, it really does hunt and isn't anywhere near as reliable as the Canon SL2. To me this is the biggest selling point for the Canon 200D, especially if you're into filmmakiing. If you are considering using your camera for video, I’d highly recommend the SL2. FPS Let's talk about the burst rates quickly and both cameras can shoot at a very impressive 5 frames per second, which just for examples sake sounds a bit like this. For most people, this is going to be more than enough and should be ok for some sports shooting and wildlife. When you are ready to step up to a dedicated sports camera, I'd look at the Canon 7D Mark ii and the Nikon D500. They're both beasts when it comes to speed.

The Canon EOS 200D has got a really small frame and very compact body. This is the sort of body size that's just perfect for the vloggers and It feels very well built.

This is Canons' entry level DSLR for those who are looking to get into photography.

The Canon 200D comes with an 18 - 55 mm Kit lens and with an apperture of 4-5.6. It packs the following specs

24.2 megapixels
Digic 7 Image Processor
Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus
9 Point AF
5FPS Continuous Shooting
Full HD 60p Video
1040mah Battery

N213,000.00 ($585 or 38,335.34 Rupees)

You can purchase the Canon EOS 200D on sites like Jumia and can also get it at Office everything, amongst other stores.

The 200D can be serviced at Ensure services, Kontakt, and Technology Distribution who are the three main partners in Nigeria. Service is free as long as it was purchase authentically.

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