Canon EOS 200D Unboxing and Review // The Best Entry level DSLR for Vloggers

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Canon 200d | Top 5 Reasons to Buy | Perfect DSLR for beginners

The canon 200D emerged as one of the best budget dslr out there with Dual pixel auto focus which is a flagship feature previously available only on more high end canon dslr camera. The canon 200D or also known as canon SL2 is undoubtedly the best budget dslr for beginners because it's both budget friendly and also easy to use. The canon 200D has 24.2 MP camera with great auto focus which is really good for vloggers or selfie lovers because it also has the flippable display and the display is of really good quality with full touchscreen. The touchscreen makes it really easy to interact and use the device without a hitch. The canon 200d has great battery life with 1040 mah battery, it can take a whopping 650 shots or 2 hrs of movie recording which is really amazing and during my usage I mostly used it for video and I must say that the battery life is really good. The external mic input on canon 200d is really handy for great audio. You can hook up an external mic and you can get some really good audio quality out the video so it's a great dslr for videographers. The canon 200d also has the easy to use time lapse video option using which you can easily take amazing time lapse videos without intervalometer or know all the complicated things to shoot time lapse on the canon 200d. So Overall the canon 200d is the best budget dslr for beginners with great features like dual pixel auto focus, external mic input, great battery life, compact size with great easy of use. I hope you found my video helpful. Please LIKE & SHARE the video and also SUBSCRIBE!! Check out the latest price or buy from my affiliate links below. (Amazon) (Flipkart)

Attach a Neck strap to your DSLR camera...The Canon way!!!

How to attach a Canon neck strap to your new DSLR camera using the Canon method. How the strap comes brand new in the box is the correct way to install your Canon camera strap. An incorrectly attached strap can cause serious damage to your camera. So don't take any chances, attach your camera strap the proper way. This is the Canon 700D model. làm thế nào để đính kèm dây đeo máy ảnh Kako pričvrstiti traku fotoaparata как да прикачите каишка камера kak da prikachite kaishka kamera 如何安装相机背带 Rúhé ānzhuāng xiàngjī bēidài 如何安裝相機背帶 kako pričvrstiti remen fotoaparata jak připojit řemínek hoe je camera riem te bevestigen kung paano upang i-attach camera strap comment attacher la sangle de la caméra wie Kamera Handschlaufe zu befestigen πώς να συνδέσετε λουράκι της κάμερας pós na syndésete louráki tis kámeras 카메라 스트랩 을 부착 하는 방법 kamela seuteulaeb eul buchag haneun bangbeob カメラのストラップを取り付けるための方法 Kamera no Sutorappu o toritsukeru tame no hōhō Come collegare cinghia della fotocamera como anexar alça da câmera как прикрепить ремешок камеры kak prikrepit' remeshok kamery cómo unir correa de la cámara

Canon EOS 200d Rebel SL2 Review Unboxing Kamera DSLR SUPER CANGGIH!! INDONESIA Part 1

Canon EOS 200d Rebel SL2 Review Unboxing Kamera DSLR SUPER CANGGIH!! INDONESIA Part 1

First Look: The Canon EOS 200D

Introducing the EOS 200D, our most compact and easy to use DSLR camera. The EOS 200D comes with Guided Display, our new handy feature perfect for people unfamiliar with camera vocabulary. With easy-to-understand in-camera instructions, the Guided Display will teach you different shooting effects, helping you to capture the shots you have always wanted. Learn more here:

Canon SL2 (200D) vs Nikon D3400 - Which is the best cheap DSLR?

✅✅ Best Cameras For Youtube: 🌅🌅 Subscribe To My New Travel Channel: ✅✅ Canon SL2: ✅✅ Nikon D3400: Canon 200D vs Nikon D3400 - Nikon D3400 vs Canon SL2 Hey whats up everyone, my names Chris Winter and in this video I’m going to go over some of the key differences and similarities between the brand new Canon SL2 and the Nikon D3400 so hopefully I can help you choose which one will be best for you. But anyway let's compare these two cameras. ——— Build Quality So I want to start off this comparison by talking about the build quality of both of these DSRLs. Now the NIkon D3400 was one of my favorite DSLR’s from last year and one of the reasons was its size, it’s an absoltuely tiny DSLR. But I also liked just how it was built, it really does feel quite small. The Canon SL2 is also an incredibly small body, in fact it actually feels quite a bit smaller than the D3400 when you get it side by side. Both of these cameras have one main dial on the right hand side and buttons where youd expect them and honestly would both be great cameras for travel. —— One area where I found the Nikon D3400 was much better is with battery life. I was able to get over 1000 shots taken on the D3400 which is quite simply incredible before the battery ran out. The Canon 200D on the other hand I was getting around 600. In video mode both cameras were about equal. So if you know you need a lot of battery life, the D3400 is probably the better bet. —— Articulating Screen One of the big differences though that you’ll notice between these two cameras is on the back here. The Nikon D3400 has a regular LCD screen which is actualyl really quite good. I found it works fantastic in bright situations outside. The difference though is that the Canon SL2 has a fulyl articulating screen. This means that it can flip up and down, in on itself and even all the way around. If you’re thinking about using your DSLR for filming yourself at all, being able to see yourself with the screen is a nice bonus. ——— TOuch screen Staying on the topic of LCD screens, another big difference between these two cameras is that the Canon 200D has a touch screen where as the Nikon D3400 doesnt. For a lot of people, thats not going to be a big deal as DSLR’s have traditionally not had them, but I’ve actually really come to like using them. It really makes it easy to change your settings with the touch screen and it also works great for tappign where you want to focus. ——— In terms of stills autofocus performance, I found that the Nikon D3400 had the edge in general. Both cameras were very snappy in most conditions but i did find that the D3400 was slightly quicker in locking onto subjects. This could be because the D3400 has 11 autofocus points compared to just 9 on the SL2. ——— Autofocus One of the best new features on teh Canon 200D is it’s new autofocus system in video mode, which to me is a lot better than the D3400’s. The SL2 got an upgrade to dual pixel autofocus which is actualyl found in much more expensive cameras such as the Canon 80D, 7D Mark ii and 5D Mark 4.With dual pixel autofocus, where ever you point your camera, it’ll smoothly and cinematically come into focus. It really is so easy. And if you pait that up with the touch screen, you can simply touch on the screen on whatever you want to be in focus and it will do all the focus work for you. The D3400 on the other hand doesn’t have anywhere near as relaible autofocus in video. And considering it also doesnt have a tocuh screen, it really does fall short. If you are considering using your camera for video, I’d highly recommend the 200D. ——— Now staying on the topic of video, another key difference is that the Canon SL2 includes a microphone jack whereas the Nikon D3400 doesnt. Now if youre just going to be using this camera just to shoot some casual video, thats not a problem. But if you do want to make youtube videos or get into filmmaking, having this audio jack is a big deal as it means you can add a shotgun mic like this one to record much better audio. It’s a pitty that the Nikon D3400 diddn’t have this because it wouldve been a nice inclusoin to have. ——— But if you’re mainly into stills, another thing you might look into is frames per second. Both cameras can shoot at a very impressive 5 frames per second. For most shooters thats going to be more than fast enough for sports and wildlife, until youre ready to step up to a dedicated faster camera.

The Canon EOS 200D has got a really small frame and very compact body. This is the sort of body size that's just perfect for the vloggers and It feels very well built.

This is Canons' entry level DSLR for those who are looking to get into photography.

The Canon 200D comes with an 18 - 55 mm Kit lens and with an apperture of 4-5.6. It packs the following specs

24.2 megapixels
Digic 7 Image Processor
Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus
9 Point AF
5FPS Continuous Shooting
Full HD 60p Video
1040mah Battery

N213,000.00 ($585 or 38,335.34 Rupees)

You can purchase the Canon EOS 200D on sites like Jumia and can also get it at Office everything, amongst other stores.

The 200D can be serviced at Ensure services, Kontakt, and Technology Distribution who are the three main partners in Nigeria. Service is free as long as it was purchase authentically.

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