Finding new coins to mine in 2018 for MAX Gains [+Ethereum Giveaway]

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[New Coins To Mine] - May 2018 - Zixx, Stipend & Lux

**I give away Ethereum on every video! See detail below!** Just realized I didn't edit out my exasperated error at the end where I say "1000" instead of "2000". Long day re-doing rigs my edit fingers get slippery. Lux: Bitcointalk: Algo: Phi1612 Zenemy Miner (The one I’m using on smOS):!5WACFRTT!tV1vUsFdBIDqCzBrcMoXVR2G9YHD6xqct5QB2nBiuzM My config: -a phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u LLFoCJ2Ee2kwmThxD3JNxf7kCtnYgMNhcE.$rigName -p c=LUX Stipend: Algo: C11 My CCminer config: -a c11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u SdNjGnMVNrqHZhNZLa6ZfynCwT43gak4z1.$rigName -p c=SPD Zixx: Bitcointalk: Algo: NeoScrypt My CCMiner config: -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u zV36bDrLyoBpbPjqKAZ4MzdXWzEnrq3ysj.rigName -p c=XZX ****MEGA GIVEAWAY AT 2,000 SUBS! A MINING RIG!**** ****ETH GIVEAWAY ON EVERY VIDEO! SIMPLE:**** 1. LIKE 👍 2. SUB 📺 3. LEAVE AN ENGAGING, RELEVANT COMMENT 📝 w/ ETH address! 📬 I hand pick winners to filter out bots, dupes, and shills. Youtube accounts created after 12/1/2017 are ineligible for any and all giveaways until further notice. I appreciate your understanding. Doing this greatly reduces the # of duplicate accounts entering my giveaways, and helps make sure REAL PEOPLE are selected, like YOU! No Binance Account yet? They’re the biggest exchange. I’d appreciate you using my link to sign up (Free) 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 OUR HUGE 2,000 SUB GIVEAWAY = A MINING RIG Thats right! My next goal is 2k subs, and when we hit it i'll give away a 3x GPU mining rig! To enter: 1️⃣LIKE 2️⃣SUB 3️⃣SHARE A VIDEO 4️⃣POST A LINK TO THE SHARE IN ONE OF MY VIDEOS WITH AN ENGAGING, RELEVANT COMMENT. 🕵️‍♂️ Find me other places: 🕵️‍♂️ 🎥 My 24/7 GPU mining farm stream: 🎥 🐤 Twitter: 🐤 @TechnicalsMatt 🏎 Marketing project w/ my Lambo benefiting charity:

NEW AI platform pays 3x MORE than mining! - VectorDash

Quick video so you guys can get signed up and in line! Earn up to 3x more with Vectordash than mining! ***I GIVE AWAY ETH ON EVERY VIDEO!*** Simply: 1. Like 2. Subscribe 3. Leave an engaging, relevant comment in the video below with your Eth Address I pick a lucky winner on every video for $10-$20 of Ethereum! Please consider watching the video all the way through, I need your view hours to get monetized! This video's winner is Nathan. Congrats and thanks for engaging! Etherscan proof: Check out VectorDash here: My $500 ETH Giveaway ends in a few days! To enter, simply like, sub, and leave an engaging comment with your address. Additionally, share my giveaway video on social media and provide a link in your comment so I can review! I've got lots of bogus & duplicate fake accounts to go through, so I appreciate your cooperation! Winners are selected and posted this Saturday 3/31/18! GIVEAWAY VIDEO: Better Mic for computer coming tomorrow. Glad to finally get some better quality on the camera! Thanks for bearing with me! My 24/7 Farm Stream: Twitter: @TechnicalsMatt

How To Mine Akroma. Easy GPU Mining Guide For Massive 2018 Gains?

A video showing how to get started mining Akroma, an interesting project similar to Ethereum but with Masternodes and Oracles. In this video I show how to create an Akroma wallet address and then how to start mining using your graphics card. Official Website - Web Wallet - Miner Download - Mining Pool - Claymore Batch File Sample - EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x29A4259c214d6164b4cB3f4a07e9fB35000a2f61 -eworker workerx -epsw x -asm 1 -allpools 1 Was this video helpful? Akroma Donations Welcome 0x29A4259c214d6164b4cB3f4a07e9fB35000a2f61 My Links Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Steemit Buy anything on Amazon US UK Please use the link below to make your donation in one of the 65 supported Altcoins. Tips are appreciated. Here's my Addresses Bitcoin:1FFVvaF7A3sjhzX26mNWfuqYKz1CwmEsYh Litecoin:LUUEfTYzsQU1e86kjiDtkwAYmqReZYAPfs Ethereum:0x5B905114167C80276AD28A997f606C698547fe40 Burstcoin BURST-N8KB-DKKW-9C4W-AF289 Storj 1PtCzyShTUXwhf63nRqQuxEgLZRkjwu4SK Dash:XmVpjUbZ12bK4k8E2LnMJeULeUsLcjAyBe BitSend:iRoCVCDSVTyqqojyybMcbRpFU4HhdosVhP Decred:DseJxmrkYw3FncKWJoEH9SswdcDPuyi4DZF Ethereum Classic:0x0927B3ff51BFC3865788aE7ad90246D850c05325 Nexus:2QyTKoWw38qhXZ144gvDuxcMPunquV4o2CLxFTHa4vBUkj1m4Sh NXT:NXT-VJTM-6E5M-7PZ6-9LSXJ Stratis:ST6bqKBoGtvtrVnStDjiGkcfh29KhZDMmw Vertcoin:VkzcFB4qpWta6txy7kjfx6z2pS4VhmmhCn Zcash:t1QAirDg9e9Gyz1YzWFXvBenjyRQq5iYyxi Monero:48CbEcFkNVEd2JyZCTW4erduVKsbBEkwd9n791ayUQjVDx12yc3oZjqbV2NaqdSSXa3NcnpZdDCYZSQ92DpoSztY8xqRkuw Outro Music Credit

Innosilicon A9 ZMaster -$160/day- The Nail In The Equihash Coffin?

⛏Charity Mining this week—See below! ⛏Our Discord: ⛏Our Pool: ⛏Sign up for Binance! (my ref link) ⛏Vlog: (Adult Language) FYI, the entries for rig giveaway closed over a week ago, forgot to mention that part, but the drawing should still be fun and i'll have giveaways running during the stream. 6p EST this Sunday! Is this the nail in the coffin for Equihash? I think so. I sound defeatist but it's hard to find a way around it. No, mining something else doesn't work. I'm astounded how many people say that. Charity Mining Address: (Please consider using so we can hit payouts!) 0xEd4184694F2892A77aD777B972D033ebD7EF0fA4 This week’s cause is benefiting The Valerie Fund. Want to donate direct? Even better! This video's eth winner is Daniel Roy. Mainly for his comment about also having a 100+gpu farm and my heart goes out to you brother. 0xe6b54aaff0890c0f10749d98c21f68e7a965c3b9 Win 24hrs of hashing on one of my rigs! Want To Support Me For Free? Sign Up For Binance Or Kucoin Using My Referral Links! All Free To You! Binance: KuCoin: 🕵️‍♂️ Find me other places: 🕵️‍♂️ 🐤 Twitter: @TechnicalsMatt ⛏ Discord: ⛏ Mining Pool: ⛏ Vlog Channel: (Contains foul language)

Re-Building 100+ GPU Mining Farm Pt.2 - Big Reveal + Big Improvement!

⛏Charity Mining this week—See below! ⛏Our Discord: ⛏Mining Pool: ⛏Vlog: (Adult Language) ⛏Sign up for Binance w/ my link, I’d appreciate it! Http:// ⛏ For those asking for dono/superchat-this is BTC Receive on the Exodus I use on stream & in videos. I don’t want your donations, so anything received goes to charity. 1FGFNvqdT4v5K4Vmuk9v4yu4HZ5J2iAX6X This week was absolutely insane - over 100 hours spent flipping the farm into server cases in an effort to tame the temperatures. HUGE results though, as my average temp is down close to 10c. No more AC units, a space reduction of about 75%, less noise, and just as stable. Links to the items mentioned in the video: Rosewill Case: Molex fan splitter: Antminer Fans: Server Rack (42u): Charity Mining Address: (Please consider using so we can hit payouts!) 0xEd4184694F2892A77aD777B972D033ebD7EF0fA4 This week’s cause is benefiting North Meck Animal Rescue: Want To Support Me For Free? Sign Up For Binance Or Kucoin Using My Referral Links! All Free To You! Binance: KuCoin: Find me other places: ⛏ Twitter: @TechnicalsMatt ⛏ Discord: ⛏ Mining Pool: ⛏ Vlog Channel: (Contains foul language and sociopathy)

Looking today at sources for those fresh coins with 1000x potential in 2018.

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