Baka Gaijin Novelty Hour - Danganronpa - Episode #40

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Baka Gaijin Show #23 - The "Trilogy" Lie



Zeke Freek is the name. Being tactlessly critical of the world around me is my game. Baka Gaijin Show podcasts episodes to come every few weeks. Baka Gaijin Novelty Hour updates thrice a week.

Baka Gaijin Show (Podcast)- Episode #39: TOOK YO GAMEZ, BITCH

In this episode, we discuss the new studio formed by Kodaka, Uchikoshi and others, and also what we've been watching lately. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER;

In this episode, Naegi gets a fever and FUCKING SLEEPS WITH A HOODIE ON, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DUDE!?

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