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Gothic 3 ─ Speedrun 39:21 World Record (v1.75)

https://www.speedrun.com/Gothic_3 Several weird sloppy things and some "that never happened before" moments. Extremely fast Al Shedim skip. Good RNG in the temples. 4:51 6:47 9:14 At low levels (below level 3) you cannot die from fall damage. 7:35 I accidentally clip the side of the mountain and a goblin gets a hit off, which has actually never happened before. At low levels (below level 3) you cannot die, but you get knocked down for a few seconds. 8:34 9:34 Opening the character menu to block missiles. 10:28 Killing Akascha: It is actually slightly higher DPS if you spam arrows, but it's much harder to hit him, especially when he's bundled up with those skeletons, and it's especially hard to get headshots then. Same thing with Demon of Gotha. 11:32 Selling the Barbarian Battleaxe to Wilson. Leveling Hunting to 110 to learn 'Teeth, claws and horns'. 15:31 Buying Vials and the Bloodfly alchemy formula. Both Fire Mages and the Alchemist here sell it but they are not guaranteed to have it. 15:47 Aggroing Rhobar. Relatively easy to set up so that only Rhobar is mad, but most of the time there is a bug where they don't react to you at all, so it requires some manipulation. 19:08 I fail the jump here a couple of times which flustered me enough that I run into that treebranch on the left side of the tree. You're supposed to go to the right. 20:14 Leveling Alchemy to 60 to learn 'Brew transformation potions'. 22:28 Aggroing Vak, but no other orcs. This one is trickier. There are several ways to manipulate the AI here, but it's very subtle and there is some RNG involved still. Drawing your weapon will make everyone freeze, whereas just trespassing will make them run towards you first. I got as fast of a setup as you can hope for here. 23:50 My shot on the second bloodfly here was slightly off, so when I see the third one come at me at the exact same angle as the second one, I thought I had missed that shot, especially when I couldn't immediately see the body of the second bloodfly which was obscured by a patch of grass. You can see me looking around confused for the last bloodfly for a few seconds there. Another "never happened before" moment. I take a roundabout way to the chest with the teleport stone here to avoid aggroing the wolves / ogre's / orc's. 28:26 I fail the jump onto the roof. I had bumped into a hill earlier as a bloodfly and lost a few seconds, which meant I reconverted a few seconds earlier, which in turn screwed up my stamina allocation. Normally I save enough stamina to make the jump onto the roof there easily. 28:47 Making the rest of the Bloodfly potions. 29:23 Leveling Life energy and setting up some hotkeys. 30:17 Flying straight into the Mora Sul temple. This is basically an intended skip. 30:36 This is the big trick with the Bloodflies. There is a small window where you can loot chests after you reconvert, when you shouldn't be able to because you are in combat. In Al Shedim It is *extremely* precise. I have right click (quick loot) bound to mousewheel nowadays which alleviates the problem, but only slightly. It's also not trivial to successfully target the chest when there are enemies around it and you can't see what you're aiming at in Bloodfly form. 30:47 Escaping from the temples is the other non-trivial trick in the run. I have a consistent setup nowadays for the Mora Sul temple, but Al Shedim is much worse. Even here though, the mummy came down very fast. He wasn't many frames away from hitting me. 31:36 This is arguably the only real "skip" in the run. The idea is to scoot up the wall here and then jump into the temple, but it's very finicky and seems to be almost complete RNG. You can lose basically an indefinite amount of time here. I get it first try, which again, never happened before. 32:02 The Al Shedim loot trick. This was a massive restart point in practice for the longest time, and you also have to not just die immediately afterwards. If you don't have Alternative AI turned on here you will get absolutely slaughtered, first by the High Priests, but right at the end of that short corridor, there is a Mummy and yeah, with Alternative AI and V-Sync off, if he hits you, he will instantly stunlock you and you're dead. Completely insane attack speed. 32:14 Alternative AI fixes that bug where enemy attack speed is tied to CPU cycles, so it's not nearly as deadly, but it's still very hard to get enough breathing room to be able to teleport out. I do get the fastest possible teleport here. 34:28 Casting the Summon Golem scroll, then running around the corner so no one aggroes you. Then you can run back out and hopefully everyone is aggroed on the golem. You kind of have to dig Zuben out of that crowd of dudes, and preferably push him across the hall or into one of the alcoves. 35:42 37:14 Mouse wheel to blast through Xardas' dialogue. 36:56 Using the ore furnace with that same Bloodfly trick. The timing here is much more lenient though.

Gothic - Retro-Review | Gescheit Gespielt

Mein absolutes Lieblingsspiel für den PC! ...oder?

Gothic 3-Секретные и Интересные места.

Gothic 2 (NotR) Speedrun in 33:40

Turn on annotations for explanations! Watch speedrun attempts live: http://www.twitch.tv/i_o_l time with intro, loading and saving screens: ~34:50 time without those: 33:40.666 information for trying to speedrun yourself: https://www.speedrun.com/notr/guides In Gothic 2 the loading screen usually does not immediately disappear, when the game finished loading. This is a problem, because I would not be able to determine the actual playing time. For this reason I activated devmode, which fixes this issue for some reason. But this does not mean I used any cheats.

Gothic 2 Complete Remaster! Gothic 2 is BACK 15 years later

Welcome folks! Description & links below. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/NpRg9Yy If you can spare a dollar or more, please consider becoming my patron at https://www.patreon.com/SinitarGaming. It cost you little, but helps me significantly. Rewards include early access to videos, video calls with me, discord rewards, HD wallpapers and more. Check out Returning 2.0 let's play series: https://goo.gl/c3Nri4 Gothic 2 4k ultimate graphics: https://goo.gl/j7wrDW Gothic 2 "Returning" is a biggest gothic mod ever created. Made by small russian team of modders under the command of project leader Trazege, Returning 2.0 is completely overhauling whole game in lore-friendly way, adds dozens of new locations, quests, items, new factions, story chapters and much more, giving 250+ additional gameplay hours in total. English installation guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZCjjnG483U Gothic 2 Returning 2.0 original forums: http://rpgrussia.com/index.php?topic=8511.0 https://rpgrussia.com/index.php?topic=6914.0 Returning 2.0 wiki: https://rpgrussia.com/returning-online-2.0/ Gothic 2 Returning 2.0 english/german forums & download: https://goo.gl/7sDdHz Latest Kai Rosenkranz music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiWrN5EjDYI Me on other resources: Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/sinitargaming Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinitarGaming Background music - amazing Kai Rosenkranz Cheers!

Wir sind auf den Spuren des Fremden und folgen ihm bis zum höchsten Punkt der Kolonie ...


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