Firewatch: PC-Game Review

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OMSI 2 - Omninavigation - First Look & Review

This time i take a look at Omninavigation, an add on for Omsi 2 that overlays at Satnav type display in the corner of your screen showing you bus stops and the route you have to follow. for more information and to purchase this great addition to Omsi go to the website: let me know in the comments if you purchase the addon, will be great to know! dont forget to follow my channel for more Omsi content

Firewatch - Before You Buy

Firewatch (PC, PS4) is a gorgeous, story-heavy game with a lot of hype, especially for a so-called walking simulator. Does it live up? ★ Gameranx Facebook: ★ Subscribe for more:

Firewatch - Review

Looking to get away? Firewatch follows a trail through the mysteries of love and friendship. Consider our review before you pack up and head out. Subscribe for more! ►► -------------------------------------- Subscribe to GameTrailers: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Gemcraft, Bloons TD5, Clicker Heroes, Tap Titans - PC & Mobile reviews

I can't avoid it any longer. Number-crunchingly morish, and quite possibly evil, these are some of the most ravenous time-devourers available for the over-worked.

Tap Titans 2 Ate My Life Somewhat - Mobile Game Review

*clambers to freedom* Goodness me. Addictive. What a ravenous time-sink. I'd advise everyone to keep a safe distance, unless you know yourself to be sensible with similar games, and reaaaally need something to tap. Did anyone else, during Maths class, enter '1', '+' and then keep tapping '=' and marvel as they watched the numbers go up? No? Just me? You can probably see why I'd get sucked whole into Tap Titans 2. It's the same thing. But pretty. And 'social'. And expensive, if you're not careful.

This was quite lovely, if a shade on the short side.

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