Bioshock Infinite - Return To Rapture Big Daddy Easter Egg

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All Endings of Bioshock (incl. DLCs)

All Endings of Bioshock, incl. DLCs: all ending sequences and cutscenes of all Bioshock games. The games are: Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2, Bioshock 2 DLC Minerva's Den, Bioshock Infinite, Bioshock Infinite DLC Burial At Sea 1 & 2. Bioshock 1 & 2 each have 3 or more endings.

BioShock Infinite - All Songbird Scenes

Songbird protects Elizabeth within her tower. He spends the majority of the game trying to find her and bring her home. I really loved whenever he was around, which sadly wasn't very much. So I made a video of all the scenes he's in! BioShock Infinite BioShock Infinite Songbird BioShock Infinite Songbird Scenes BioShock Infinite Songbird Cutscenes BioShock Infinite All Songbird Scenes BioShock BioShock Songbird BioShock Songbird Scenes BioShock All Songbird Scenes Bioshock Infinite Bioshock Infinite Songbird Bioshock Infinite Songbird Scenes Bioshock Infinite All Songbird Scenes

BioShock 2 Turning Eleanor Into A Big Sister

Bioshock Infinite Final Boss & Ending [1080p.]

Bioshock Infinite Ending [1080p.]

Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Episode 1 Ending - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4

Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 of Episode 1 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC. This Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Walkthrough Gameplay will also include a Review, all DLC Episodes and the Ending. Burial at Sea - Episode 1 is the first part of the story-driven downloadable content of BioShock Infinite. This DLC features the city of Rapture rebuilt from scratch with game mechanics and the Unreal Engine 3 used for BioShock Infinite. It includes new weapons, new Plasmids (replacing Vigors), new Gear, and Tears. The first half of Episode One focuses mostly on an exploration of Rapture and its story, while the second half focuses on combat mechanics close to that of the first BioShock game, with scarce resources and tighter spaces as opposed to the larger, open areas of Infinite. In this story, Booker Dewitt is a private investigator in Rapture, usually handling dirty work for his clients. On the eve of 1959, a mysterious woman by the name of Elizabeth asks him to investigate the disappearance of a young girl named Sally. Elizabeth's intentions are sketchy and she is unwilling to reveal any vital information, only that Sally is alive and local artist Sander Cohen may have the information regarding her whereabouts. Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook:

Big Daddy at 1:32 ALSO SPOILERS! So, ya enjoy!
Also Booker says something silly at 2:32

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Bioshock Infinite

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