Top 10 OFFLINE Games for Android/IOS 2018

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Shadow Fight 3 Update 1.10. LEAGUES. 3 Legendary Packs. New AI is RIDICULOUS😂

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Royal Never Give Up vs Kingzone DragonX | Game 1 Grand Finals LoL MSI 2018 | RNG vs KZ G1

KZ vs RNG final game 1 2018 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Main Tournament lol Kingzone DragonX - Royal Never Give Up. MSI 2018 KZ vs RNG Final G1 VOD. 2018 MSI Semi Finals & Finals full playlist: League of Legends Season 8 Mid-Season Invitational in Paris, France. First game of the day - Royal Never Give Up vs Kingzone DragonX vs best of 5 game 1. RNG vs KZ G1. Royal Never Give Up Line-up: LetME - Top Ornn Karsa - Jungle Skarner XiaoHu - Mid Sion Uzi - ADC Ezreal Ming - Support Janna Kingzone DragonX Line-up: Khan - Top Fiora Peanut - Jungle Sejuani Bdd - Mid Irelia PraY - ADC Caitlyn Gorilla - Support Braum Patch: 8.8 - Season 8 Game date: 20.05.2018 | 05/20/2018 | May 20th 2018 Game place: Paris, France Casters: Kobe, QuickShot and Deficio There are more playlists in the playlist section on the channel! You can always follow all games from both channels and news/updates on my FB page - Please like/share/comment and sub if you haven't yet - it helps a lot! Follow me on Twitter:

Top 10 OFFLINE multiplayer games for Android via WiFi LOCAL (NO INTERNET) 2018

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6 Game Android Terbaik dengan Grafis Setara "PS4" yang akan Rilis Tahun 2018

Tahun baru, aplikasi baru, dan itu berarti beberapa game baru akan datang ke Play Store. Setiap tahunnya game mobile selalu bertambah canggih dan mengedepankan sisi grafis. Tak jarang, game-game baru di Android memiliki grafis setara PS4. Hal tersebut sangat mungkin dalam perkembangan teknologi sekarang ini. Nah, game-game Android ini dirilis pada tahun 2018, game-game berikut menyajikan gameplay dan kualitas grafis yang tidak kalah dengan PS4. Penasaran, Yuk!! kita simak videonya.. Untuk Link belum ada karena game2 tersebut belum dirilis.... =============================== ● SKILL DEWA ● Channel youtube yang menyajikan video-video seputar info menarik, yang akan menghibur anda . Dari berita dan fakta menarik dan juga kumpulan beberapa video yang pastinya memukau pemirsa semua. Dan jangan lupa untuk subscribe channel youtube kami untuk mendapatkan informasi yang lanjut, Selamat menyaksikan. ●Subscribe to our channel : =============================== I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law. *disclaimer : this video may contains part of other video that is uploaded to Youtube therefore it is courtesy of Youtube and as a verified Youtube partner, i am allowed to use part of other video content courtesy of Youtube under derivative, educational and news work. To learn more about this go to


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Hello friends,
Today in this video I am going to show you top 10 OFFLINE Games for Android and ios 2018.

(1)Color Snake
(2)Squad Strike 3 : FPS
(4)Terra Fighter 2 - Fighting Game
(5)Zombie Shooter: Journey to Survival
(6)Radial-G: Racing Revolved
(7)SUP Multiplayer Racing
(8)Forces of Freedom
(9)Terra Offroad
(10)Hero Hunters

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