International Betta Congress Area 1 Convention 2018 Male Best of Show Judging

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BETTAS You've Never Seen Before: AMAZING Betta Fighting Fish Show in Vietnam

Contact Duy: Duy's Betta Farm: Duy's First Betta Farm: Goldfish Breeder in Hawaii: Setting up a Betta Tank: Awesome Betta Fish show in Saigon! I didn't know that there were some of these colors available!! Subscribe Now for MORE Videos: Help me make more videos: Like: Facebook: Follow: Instagram and Snapchat @KyleLeDotNet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me: I'm Kyle Le and I used to live, travel, and eat in Vietnam and many Asian countries. I'm passionate about making videos and sharing my experiences and introducing people to the world. I've traveled everywhere in Vietnam, from Hanoi to Saigon - Far North, Central Highlands, Islands, and Deep Mekong Delta - I've visited there. In addition to 15+ countries from Indonesia to Thailand to Singapore, you'll find all of my food, tourist attractions, and daily life experiences discovering my roots in the motherland on this amazing journey right on this channel. So be sure to subscribe- for more videos and connect with me on social media below so you don't miss any adventures. ----------------------------------------­----------------------- Like: Facebook: Follow: Instagram and Snapchat @KyleLeDotNet Original Music by Antti Luode. Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm Audio from a Rode Micro / Rode Link Dji Spark

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This is the fast way to change water in betta grow out jars. Young Betta fish require frequent water changes after they are temporarily jarred before they are sold. Clear Betta Containers: If you would like to see the full method where I remove the fish, check out this video: ---------------- Want to support CreativePetKeeing on Patreon? ★AFFILIATE LINKS CreativePetKeeping Wishlist- Filming Equipment - Products we reviewed- Betta BREEDING SUPPLIES- Aquarium Plants: If you are shopping on Amazon and want to help support my channel please use our shopping link: ★SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @creativepetkeeping FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @KasiaPetKeeping ★My BONUS Channels Creative Pet Vlogs: Banana the Talking Dog: Want to send me a letter or package? I will open it on camera! Please include a return address if you would like for me to write back! CreativePetKeeping PO Box 7485 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 For business inquiries ONLY:

How to Judge Show Bettas | Red Longfin Halfmoon Males

Judging show bettas is a long and difficult process. Two International Betta Congress judges walk us through judging a class from start to finish!

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I like this store more than MY OWN! - Ocean's Aquarium. Fish Store Tour of Ocean's Aquarium. All the aquariums are natural with no water changes. The owner Justin relies on the plants to clean the water. Water is replaced for evaporation and when he sell fish. Visit Ocean's Aquarium @ 120 Cedar St, San Francisco, CA 94109 *Our Monthly Give Away ►* *Patreon Support ►* *Instagram ►*

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Judging for the Male Best of Show! Sorry for the poor light and camera angles, but I was also technically judging at the same time haha. Enjoy!

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