Best Insta Flip 360 Review AND Bonus

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BMX Best Tricks Compilation 2016

BMX best compilation 2016 Instagram clips 10-minute compilation of the best bmx tricks 2016. Clips from instagram Please take care of your health and before skating wear a helmet and protection. Professional Bmx and advanced riders, crazy stunts, top stories. Some stunts filmed on camera Action. In this video, there are four tricks delivered for the first time in the history Some timecodes on video: 0:00 Quad tailwhip 0:13 Barspin to double tailwhip 0:22 Frontflip barspin to tuck no hander 0:28 Wallride to tailwhip 0:32 Backflip tap to fakie 0:42 Double backflip to tuck ni hander 0:51 Backflip bar bar to tailwhip 0:55 Backflip bar tailwhip to tuck no hander 1:01 Backflip bar tailwhip to bar 1:06 360 footjam whip to foot downside whip 1:18 360 tailwhip to footjam whip 1:29 Fronflip to double tailwhip 1:45 Truckdriver to Double Tailwhip 1:55 Hang 5 2:17 Decade to footjam tailwhip 2:23 Big 540 to step up 2:38 Bunny hop triple barspin 3:13 Bikeflip to tailwhip 3:20 360 bar downside tailwhip to bar 3:34 Backflip triple barspin 3:39 Backflip drop 3:50 900 3:54 180 wallride to 180 4:05 awesome long manual 4:17 fakie to bar backwards manual to nose manual 4:38 backflip tailwhip to 360 4:52 awesome stairs ride 5:00 360 double downside tailwhip to barspin 5:15 manual to frontflip 5:22 superman bmx 5:27 180 triple barspin to fakie 5:38 long can can nose manual 6:04 backwards manual to manual tailwhip 6:15 triple wallride 180 to fakie 540 6:30 double flair to resi 6:35 manual up stairs 6:48 wallride to downside tailwhip fakie 6:56 720 to bar in 6:59 bmx world first frontflip double tailwhip 7:24 barspin to backwards manual to 360 7:32 fakie to fast plant 360 to fakie 7:46 double tailwhip to fakie barspin 8:13 fakie bmx on dirt 8:17 wall footjam to tailwhip 8:25 540 tailwhip 8:33 crank flip to nose manual 8:54 scary drop barspin 9:20 burning bike bunny hop tailwhip 9:35 360 drop 9:44 flair tailwhip to downside tailwhip 9:55 wallride to barspin 10:01 360 double tailwhip to downside tailwhip

Fastest Typist: Ultimate Typing Championship Final 2010 By Das Keyboard

Sean Wrona wins the 2010 Ultimate Typing Championship at SXSW in Austin in a typing competition head to head with Nate Bowen. The Ultimate Typing Championship was a competition held by Das Keyboard.


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Best Insta Flip 360 Review AND Bonus
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