The Bioshock Infinite we never got

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Watch Dogs : my "true next-gen experience"

PC version on high settings with a controller. This video used to have annotations but Youtube dropped the feature.

Evolve hype to dead playerbase

What happened before and after the release is very anticlimactic. A lot of hype and praise at E3 with huge marketing budget and forced esport. Despite such a low player population, president of Take-Two stated that Evolve has achieved an “incredibly successful" launch with 2.5 million copies sold worldwide in 2015. Evolve went free-to-play on PC a year later. ------- Credits ------- AngryJoe Bearhugger29 GT Reviews Jimsplosions Rumandapples The1316Killer THEKINGOFHATEVLOGS Thenamesonix Worth A Buy ZybakTV ------- Sources ------- Evolve esports champions (PC Gamer) Evolve Launch Trailer Evolve Live The Bucket Challenge IGN Evolve Video Review IGN Evolve Wins Big IGN's Greg Miller vs Operation Supply Drop at PAX Prime 2014 PAX 2014 CliffyB and Hip Hop Gamer PAX 2014 Reactions PAX EAST ESL Final Preview by Game On Season Pass 2 E3 2015 Trailer The Evolution of Evolve EP1: Asymmetric Multiplayer Design The Hunt Evolves Trailer ------- Song ------- Stenbit - Birds and Dolphins

Where Bioshock Infinite Went Horribly Wrong

Join the discussion! Support my endeavors! It should be a given with my original handle that I love, love, LOVE the Bioshock series. But while I love Bioshock infinite and think it was and excellent game, I can't deny that a lot of compromises were made to it in order to make it bio "Bioshock-y" which lead to the game losing out on a lot of luster. From handymen, to guns, to voxophones, Booker and Elizabeth's dynamic, and that whole "why are you scavenging when you're got a travelling partner who can literally pull ANYTHING out of thin air?" bit, let's explore where Bioshock Infinite went horribly wrong.

Off Camera Secrets | Bioshock Infinite - Boundary Break

First Bioshock Episode - Game Club Podcast - The other two unused areas - You can now vote via the on screen annotation in the upper right of the video Keep me company on Twitter! We have fun there: I dont plug my patreon in the videos because I want to keep the content pure and timeless. However currently I am accepting for support in the early months as i recently quit my day job to push this series as far as it can go. If you visit the patreon page, there is a video that explains my whole story. Fans have made a discord chat room if you guys like that stuff. Heres a link: Logo by (, pixel design by Clay Burton: Outro art sourced and repurposed from Startropics, animated by Clay Burton:

CSGO hysteria and forgotten TF2 design

Cosmetic items and visual consistency. ------- Sources ------- CSGO content economy TF2 & DOTA2 In-Game economies Illustrative Rendering in TF2 Narcissus and Echo It All Goes Back In The Box ------- Credits ------- Trustz (1:00) thegregster101 (1:39) SilvermaniaShow (1:52) ValveNewsNetwork (2:40) ------- Song ------- R'lyeh by Sephiroth

A doc-style video to summarize early design and gameplay elements that were very interresting and much more impressive compared to the final product. Infinite went through many revisions over the course of its development, Irrational Games had to scale back a lot of ideas, which was disappointing for some people after the E3 showcases. Everything shown here has been removed or downgraded to the point where it's just not comparable (intended first but didn't make sense). Self-explanatory quote from Ken Levine : "we cut enough content to make 5-6 full games". There's more in the official artbook if you're interrested.
----- Sources -----
Early Gameplay Demonstration
E3 2011 Gameplay Demo
About Sky-Lines
Factions at War
Windows Into Other Worlds

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