Windows 98 20th Anniversary All New PC Build

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Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

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Upgrades for The New Windows 98 PC

Time to get some more parts in the New Windows 98 PC! Wow, that Soyo USB card sucked. I'm glad I didn't get around to putting it in the first time. If I find another better Front USB solution I'll be looking to put that in. It would be cool if I could find a hub that I could plug into the CompUSA card I have. While being completely out of the realm of being reasonable "period" that Gigabit card will be really useful. I do bulk data transfers to and from my server frequently so I can archive games or get data from it I need for a project. So that is going to be immensely useful. (PS, I'm not meaning to release this near LGR's video. I recorded this last Friday. Unlucky timing.) Playlists of more stuff like this: Computers: Windows 9X: 1990s: Other Links Youtube: Github: Thingiverse: Patreon: Discord:

History of Microsoft Windows (Windows 1.0 - 10)

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Pioneer LaserKaraoke Minor Repair

My LaserKaraoke is having difficulties with the automatic side changing. You know, the usual laserdisc things... The rubbing was bad enough that when there was something on top of the LaserKaraoke then it wouldn't be able to deflect the case out enough and it would get stuck. That was the root of the problem. But for now the problem is solved. It seems really weird to me that this is happening in this unit. I was thinking when the side change starts the procedure should be: 1. Dock trasport in rotator 2. Lift carraige up 3. Rotate tansport 4. Undock transport But instead it does 1,3,3,2,3,4 which makes no sense. Playlists of more stuff like this: 3D Printing: Repairs: 1990s: Other Links Youtube: Github: Thingiverse: Patreon: Discord:

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Building an all new computer from 20 year old parts for the Windows 98 20th Anniversary.

Here are the specs of The New Windows 98 PC:
OS: Windows 98 Second Edition
CPU: 1GHz Tualatin Pentium III
GPU: Voodoo 5 5500 64MB
HDD: Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM EIDE
PSU: EVGA 450BT 450W
MOBO: Intel D815EEA2U(after using it, I don't recommend this board)
CDD: Memorex 8xDVD+RW/+R 10xCD
FDD3.5: Teac FD-235
FDD5.25: Teac FD-55
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
Case: Inwin Q500N (3rd revision I believe)
Monitor: Hyundai ImageQuest V770+
Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Keyboard
Joystick: Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2
Gamepad: Microsoft Sidewinder game pad
Mouse: Microsoft Cordless Wheelmouse

This was a wild ride of a video. The Voodoo 5 being DOA was alarming and nearly derailed the whole project...twice. The Motherboard doesn't seem to support two floppy drives as well. I never had both drives working in it. I still need to do some more testing to figure out if I can put a different BIOS on it to support that properly. I also wanted to show POD running instead of NFS but it has some problems running, especially in Glide mode with the Voodoo5. And another problem was that I couldn't get the gameport on the sound card to work. I need to try using the VXD drivers still to see if that makes a difference.

All those problems aside this computer is really great. I was pushing its backwards compatibility a bit far with MS Flight Sim(only about the top half of the screen is meant to be shown) but a Win98 build like this is great for old games. Sure, you could buy most of these on GOG or use the original disks/discs in a VM. But those make for a pale imitation of the real deal. The struggle is part of the fun, although maybe not recapping a Voodoo 5 level of struggle.

This is going to be the start of a series of videos that will showcase different aspects of building an running an old computer like this. The upcoming videos about the parts I chose will help explain why they are the ones I went with and how well they work. This video was meant to be a cathartic romp of 90's PC nostalgia. There will be a lot more in depth content from this later.

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