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10 Things You Didn't Know Your Xbox One Could Do

Try out ThePremium Network for free: Are you getting the most out of your Xbox One? 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Xbox One Could Do! Subscribe now to TheGamer! The Xbox One is a wildly ambitious gaming console. The console looks forward to a world where PC gamers and living room console gamers share the same spaces, which is no surprise considering Microsoft is the company behind the Xbox One. It simultaneously remembers the past, letting us play Xbox 360 games from the last generation of consoles. Despite its rocky start as a DRM heavy platform, Microsoft’s third gaming console marches forward as a unique force in gaming. A box that is truly modern learning from digital distribution platforms the world over and lets us engage with our content in just about any way you can imagine. It is a feature rich system, packed with stuff you’re sure to have my missed. There is no other hub quite like it. The Xbox One has changed so quickly in such a short number of years, and Microsoft shows no signs of stopping. AT E3 2017, Microsoft unveiled the newest iteration of the Xbox One, named the Xbox One X, to rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Labelled the World’s most powerful console, the Xbox One X intends to end the PC master race debate and blur the line between consoles and PC’s even further. Like with their commitment to backwards compatibility, Microsoft remains steadfast that looking forward doesn’t mean forgetting the past. Long term, Microsoft hopes you’ll trust them with all your digital gaming purchases. It’s bold strategy. It makes learning the secrets of the console all the more valuable — you’re going to use these tips for a long time. Without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know your Xbox One could do. Enjoy!

How To Bypass Xbox Live Region Blocked and Get Xbox 360 Games With Gold For Xbox One

Tutorial how to bypass the region restriction to get/download Xbox 360 games from outside the U.S to Xbox One/S Intro by CarrierGraphics | Music: Logic - On the Low Note : If you have error "'Sorry. Your purchase cannot be completed at this time. Please try again.'' even you're already enabled AnonymoX. Recheck these steps below: 1. Your account must be United State of America region. I'm not sure other regions work, but USA's accounts do work. 2. Turn on AnonymoX, and make sure US location is selected. If it doesn't work, press the button "Change Identity" and it switches between (us9e/us9/us9b), try each option to find which works for you, remember to close and re-open tab after you switch. It should work as expected. Otherwise try another time because game with gold stay there at least half a month. Or you can use any other methods to change your IP address. Note #1: Here's fake address to put onto your account just in case. 1. First name : use whatever you like. 2. Last name : use whatever you like. 3. Address line 1: 2919 Anderson Way (house's number can be changed to any number) 4. Address line 2: leave it blank 5. City/Town : PLACERVILLE 6. State : California 7. Postal code : 95667 8. Nation : United States 9. Phone : (530) 710-1844 Those information I have found on the internet long time ago and it's still working fine with my account, as far as I know those information you put here can be whatever you like, but you just need to make it right (like the city Placerville of California state must have postal code : 95667). of course you can find another address but remember those information(city/state/postal code) must be right to each other. Note#2 on PC, use any webbrowser to enter, then sign in to your account. click on your account name on the top right of the screen, there will be a drop down menu to choose from, choose "Microsoft account" Then click "Your Info" option, you can see the image taken from my screen below Then choose "Edit your Billing info" and input info as I did, remember to stick it as Primary address then hit "save" 1. 2. 3. 4. Follow me on Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: for instant new video's update !!!


Get 12-month Xbox Live code


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