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Risk of Rain Critique & Review

Hey everyone, this is my critique and review of Risk of Rain. This game was amazing and I have got to say that at 10$ this just feels like a classic great deal. It is well worth the price as the variety in this game never seems to end, with 12 playable classes and well over a 100 items at your disposal, variety seems to be a very good word indeed. Hope you all enjoyed and if you have gotten a chance to play this game let me know down below what you thought of the review. Thanks for watching everyone, I fucking love you! Jaxxsin Royalty Free Music Provided by FloidBeats Twitch: Twitter: Blog:

Starbound Review (Five Turnips)

JAKE GOES TO SPACE!!!!........In video games. More Five Turnips: Previous FT Video (Octodad Review): Wanna play Starbound? Here's da link to the site!: _____________________________________________________ Intro Music was made by these wonderful people: Intro Music "Year of the Yoshi" license: Evening Melodrama Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Fanfare for Space Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Heartbreaking Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License "Also Sprach Zarathustra" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Amazing space music:

The Elder Scrolls & A declining interest in gaming

Found a speck of regular time that allows me to edge back into this hobby. ~Thank you~ to those who have remained subscribed during the past 3.5 dormant years. Gameplay footage is from Daggerfall Unity, which I believe is as yet unplayable except as a graphical demonstration.

Terraria Review - Greatest Video Game of All Time?

Part 2: Part 3 Follow me on Twitter - This game should have received a rating of 'LR' for Life Ruining. Terraria. The only game I have bought and played through 3 separate times on 3 different platforms. Dig. Fight. Build. The core of this game is all about manipulating your environment to get around. Sometimes you'll have to build platforms or stairs to cross large gaps, or build a rope that you can climb down instead of falling to your death. The first goal is to craft a house. So get enough wood to do that. Any small room with 1 table, a chair, a door and a light source will do. And you gotta have walls of course. The reason you want to build a house immediately is because by nightfall, a lot more enemies come out and they can be pretty tough with your starter equipment. The more houses you build, the more NPCs/Shop vendors will move into your settlement to sell you items. You're gonna need some of these guys handy at all times especially the Nurse and the Arms Dealer. You don't have to use different building blocks every time you build a room. I just did that to be cool. At first, I recommend making a tunnel from your basement deep underground with a long rope for quick and easy access to really deep layers of the earth. In the beginning you want to focus on finding as much of this rare ore/metal as you possibly can. The two main things you do to advance in this game are building/crafting as much as possible and exploring as much of the map as possible. You'll never get tired of opening a chest and finding a new cool weapon to play with. Digging might be a relaxing endeavor but fighting enemies can be some edge-of-your-seat shit. And the bosses in this game are EPIC. Especially in the beginning, boss battles are a huge undertaking. I remember times where I had to construct an arena with adequate platforms for fighting a particular boss, and then built a house nearby the arena and moved a Nurse in so she can heal me during the battle! If you just fight the bosses head on with no potions or no plan, you'll find that they're extremely difficult. But if you take the time to prepare a good arena, and have the right weapons, armor and potions, then the bosses become a lot easier. If you dig far down enough you'll reach what looks like hell where you can fight a boss called the Wall of Flesh. Now once you beat the Wall of Flesh you transform your world into a 'Hardmode' world. Now this is where shit gets good. This spawns a ton of new enemies on the surface and in the underground biomes, new dungeons to explore, a ton of new and different metals to collect meaning much stronger armors and weapons to craft, and of course a bunch of awesome new bosses to face. And since the latest patch there are now several thousand items in the game. It really is mind-blowing how many different types of armor, weaponry and building blocks there are in this game. It's fucking crazy. I mean there's a lot of shit. I don't think I've seen all the items in the 3 playthroughs that I've done of this game. Take the wood for example. There's so many different types of wood that you can build with, and acquire by cutting down all the different trees that you find. You might not even see all the wood in your first playthrough. There's so many different types of wood! For a game made by 2 tiny little companies, 505games and Re-Logic, it really is mind-blowing how much gameplay they fit into this little 20 dollar package. I​ asked some people on the Terraria Community Forums what they love most about the game, and the responses show that it's impossible to pick just one thing. Many people ​enjoy the simple act of digging and mining for ore as it's not only kind of relaxing, but there's always that really exciting promise that all this ore will be turned into stronger armor and weapons. That excitement never gets old and they sustain it well throughout the game as you mine for all these different types of ore and unlock the better equipment. Many people praise the variety of weapons that are in the game; anything from swords to bows and arrows, guns, magic weapons that are of course the coolest ones of all, and a lot of people simply enjoy the controls and mechanics of how you navigate the land. The wings and flight gear make it one of the smoothest and most versatile platformers ever made. I think that my personal favorite thing about this game might be that you're always collecting items. There's never really a wasted second in this game. Even if I just pick up a few dirt blocks and some sunflower seeds, it still feels like an accomplishment. Collecting is 24/7. Asking if Terraria is worth playing is like asking if marijuana is worth smoking, or if beer is worth drinking. It's not a question of whether it's good or bad. It's a question of can you handle how good it is? Now go buy this game.

What You Need to Know About Starbound

BR reviews one of the hottest indie games on Steam. Is Starbound worth buying? How do I survive an army of penguins packing rocket launchers? ● Twitter: ● Facebook: ● Google+:

Starbound has strengths, but over-reaches, while Risk of Rain and Rogue Legacy demonstrate the benefits of a ~focused~ approach.

I wish I enjoyed Starbound more. It is telling that Terraria has approximately 5 times the number of regular players.

Will probably have to find the time to play through Hyperlight Drifter now.

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