BRAP RANT: BRAP Retiring / God of War a Ryse Rip Off!?!

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God of War New Gameplay Leaked - Thoughts

Podcast# 105: Sea of Thieves Review/ God of War News / NPD Numbers

Rare has just released the much anticipated, Sea of Thieves. We'll give you are impressions of the game and more! Tonight we have special guest @dealer_gaming

God of War 2018 Is Not God of War At All | And That's Amazing

In 2018 a new god of war game will release on PS4 that will completely change Sony's mascot forever. God of war is nothing at all like any previous entry in the series and today we look at what happened to the series, and why this change occurred. The PS4 is being bolstered by big single player AAA releases, and this is no exception. Today we dive into god of war PS4 but we also take a look at the series in its entirety, from the first time gamers got their hands on a Kratos adventure to ascension. What is this game and why should fans and everyone else care? More cleanprincegaming weekly!

God of War : The Last War - Full Movie 2018 HD

BRAP RANT: Sea of Thieves....An Honest Discussion

Sea of Thieves, it is not a good game. I'll discuss some of the issues and what Rare can do to improve the game.

The recently leaked God of War game play video, has infuriated fanboys on both sides! From fanboys saying that GoW is a Ryse rip off, to Ryse kills God of War. I'll give you my thoughts on the nonsense.

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