Water in your oil and the ticking valve

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Ford Quick Tips: #1 Engine Oil Cap Puddding

In this video I show just how bad oil cap pudding can be and why it happens in the first place.

Weber Engine Ventilation

Goss' Garage - Engine coolant and oil mix

Pat Goss from Goss' Garage, talks about coolant and oil mix. Visit our website at http://goss-garage.com/ Everything under the hood, explained by Pat Goss from Goss' Garage! Send your question at radio@goss-garage.com or call 844-885-GOSS (4677) with your question to Pat.

Safe Motor Oil Flush Using Kerosene

I'm flushing the motor oil of a Saturn SC2 2002 model, using kerosene. Flushing agents like kerosene and diesel are great tools for gutting out and cleaning sludge from all the large and narrow oil passageways in your car. Your engine will run cleaner and more efficiently when these passageway are sludge free. Engine oil flushes, however, can damage rubber oil seals and gaskets if they are done too frequently and/or if performed with undiluted flushes where all the oil is drained from the crankcase beforehand. Research this topic before attempting. In extreme cases an undiluted flush may be necessary.

MGB Mismatched Pistons

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