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Audi Q1 Rendered Shows Possibility Of Launch

Audi Q3 is the last standing SUV in the lineup, but someone had dreamt of getting smaller than the said. Yes, that’s expectedly the Q1. Reportedly, a rendering of an artist showed us the Q1 could be possibly built if Audi takes up the task. However, it looks convincible the SUV going smaller in Q1 during the production. In fact, the design represented here bears good feasibility. Apparently, five doors will be its part and the platform used could be of Polo. The possibility of petrol and diesel both goes strong where a top of the line SQ1 doesn’t happens to be ruled out yet. In fact, a plug-in hybrid version may also go into the works with an 80 kW electric motor and a 1.2 petrol engine. Apparently, they say, Audi has scheduled to unveil the Q1 in 2016, but still there lays some possibility it could come out even by the end of this year if the market demands pulls out so. Feel free to pen down your thoughts in the comments section below…

AUDI Q2 2018 review FAST SUV!

New Audi Q2 ____________________________________________________________________ All other engines are offered in two-wheel-drive with a six-speed manual as standard. Quattro will be offered as an option with the rest of the TFSI engines and the 148bhp diesel from mid-2017. The system uses Haldex-clutch technology to enable torque vectoring and decoupling. Read more: ____________________________________________________________________ Music: ____________________________________________________________________ Subscribe Now)

2019 Audi A6 - INTERIOR

Digitalization: futuristic operating concept and extensive networking Comfort and convenience: wide range of driver assistance systems for even greater safety Sportiness: dynamic all-wheel steering for enhanced agility and outstanding ride comfort Design: sporty, elegant exterior and progressive interior with five trim lines The interior – futuristic design The interior of the new A6 features a black-panel design – a cool look which expresses the technical competence and digital character of the business sedan. This creates a relaxed lounge atmosphere in a design language that comes across as reduced and matter-of-fact. The sleek instrument panel and the calm, continuous horizontal body line create an airy sense of spaciousness. The center console in the new Audi A6 is directed at the driver; the top MMI touch response display is also tilted slightly to the left. With its black-panel look, it almost disappears into an aluminum clip when switched off. The display is activated when opening a door; its graphical user interface appears reduced, matching the interior design. Colors and materials – a range of equipment for all tastes The wide range of colors and materials available for the new A6 deck out the interior design with very different characteristics, from elegant through sporty, from technical through futuristic. Five versions are available: basic, sport, design, design selection and S line sport package (with 19-inch wheels and sport suspension). Each variant is associated with different color concepts. The choice and use of materials – from the open-pore wood trim through the leather upholstery on the instrument panel – attest to the uncompromisingly high quality of the new Sedan. Audi offers the S line exterior package as an option for all equipment lines. With the new A6, Audi is presenting the eighth generation of its successful full-size Sedan and brings numerous innovations to the segment. Whether in terms of digitalization, comfort or sportiness – the elegantly sculptured Audi A6 is the multitalent in the luxury class. The all-digital MMI touch response system provides intuitive operation. The extensive connectivity and assistance solutions demonstrate networked intelligence. The interior systematically adopts digitalization and is groundbreaking in its segment. The suspension combines smooth ride comfort and high stability with enhanced sportiness. All engines have a mild-hybrid system as standard equipment for convenience and efficiency. MMI touch response operating system – customizable and intuitive The MMI touch response system of the new Audi A6 sets new standards in terms of intuitive operation and personalization. With extensive intelligent personalization options, the car is tailored to the driver: The all-digital operating system allows central vehicle functions to be placed in the required position in the MMI screen using drag-and-drop – similar to the user experience with smartphone apps. Shortcuts and favorites buttons form the ideal basis for individual preferences and superb ease-of-use. Ideal for frequent drivers and fleet customers: Up to seven drivers can store their preferred settings in individual user profiles and set up to 400 parameters. Thanks to its logical and flat menu structure, the system provides fast access to vehicle functions. The configurable favorites buttons help tailor the system to the user’s preferences. As an option, the lighting and multifunction buttons can be fitted with touch response technology. The natural-language control turns the new Audi A6 into an intelligent dialog partner and travel companion: It processes questions and commands in two ways, with onboard stored data and also – in conjunction with MMI navigation plus – with the detailed knowledge from the cloud. The MMI touch response operating system with haptic and acoustic feedback provides rapid, intuitive operation: Users hear and feel a click as confirmation as soon as their finger triggers a function. The driver manages the infotainment on the top display, which has a 10.1-inch screen diagonal if MMI navigation plus has been specified. The bottom 8.6-inch display, located in the console in the center tunnel, is used for the climate control and for the convenience functions and text input; the driver’s wrist can sit on the selector lever of the automatic transmission. In addition, the head-up display projects important information onto the windshield. MMI navigation plus also includes the Audi virtual cockpit with a 12.3-inch display. Read More Full Review Music Source: NCM Epic Music Ender Guney 2018 "SUBSCRIBE NOW"

NEW 2018 Audi Q2 - Exterior & Interior

SUBSCRIBE more videos are coming!Stay Tuned : NEW 2018 Audi Q2 - Exterior & Interior Audi Q2 2018 interior Audi Q2 review 2018 Audi Q2 2018 review

Top 10 Best Luxury SUV Coming In 2018-2019

In this video, you will see the Top10 best SUVs to come in 2018. All these luxury SUVs are amazing and cool.Some of these SUVs are among the fastest cars in the world. Here is my top 10. 10-Infinity QX50 9-Lincoln Nautilus 8-Acura RDX 2019 7- Range Rover Velar 6-Audi Q8 2019 5-Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 4-BMW X7 2019 3-Maserati Levante 2019 2-Bentley Bentayga 2019 1-Lamborghini Urus The Lamborghini Urus will be the nicest of all these luxury SUVs. This car has a nice design and look like a real concept car. Please enjoy my video and subcribe to my channel if you liked my video. The video comes under 'Fair Use' according to Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. All the visual-content belongs to their respective owners.

New car 2020 - New Audi Q1 SUV set to arrive in 2020
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