How Many Times a Day You Should Feed a Baby Parrot?

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Hand Feeding Baby Cockatiels

In this video you can learn that how to hand feeding your baby cockatiel parrot. Learn amazing tips on how to hand feed a baby cockatiel parrot. ---Watch Hand Feeding video in Hindi : ---Watch video when these cockatiels are Grown Up : Subscribe to my channel : The video background sound credits I dunno by grapes (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: J Lang, Morusque

Cute Parrots Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals - Soo Cute! #1

Cute Parrots Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals - Soo Cute! #1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 😍Don't forget to subscribe my channel to watch more cute videos ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤 #cute #animals #parrot

Bathing My Pets - How I Bathe All My Animals

In this video I will be sharing with you how I bathe my pets. Bathing my pets isnt just as simple as putting my animals in the bath tub and showering them. Every animals cleaning or bathing needs is different, and I'll be showing you some surprising ways which my animals have to be maintained. So, I present to you - Bathing all my pets (which can be bathed). ********************************************* EMZOTIC MERCH IS HERE!!! ********************************************* Watch My Goat React To Things! : Previous Video (ALL MY PETS): Come And Find Me: TWITTER : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK : YouNow: SNAPCHAT: @emzoticofficial **************************************** Want to send me mail? (PLEASE WRITE ON THE BOX OR LETTER IF YOU WANT ME TO OPEN ON CAMERA! I sadly cannot write back to everyone, but I appreciate you all.) EMZOTIC P.O. BOX 391 LEDGEWOOD NEW JERSEY 07852-0391 USA **************************************** Media and Business Enquiries: (Strictly Business) ***************************************** This is not a sponsored video.

18 Harmful Foods We Keep Giving to Children

How to Keep Your Child Healthy. Proper nutrition is super important for your children’s health and well-being. If you wish them well and don’t want them to settle for unhealthy food choices that they are likely to repeat as they become older, pay attention to this video. It turns out some common foods we consider healthy are actually really bad for your kids. Here’s a list the foods that are harmful to children as well as wholesome alternatives. Even milk, juice, yogurt and cereal can be dangerous. Junk food is not surprisingly loaded with salt, sugar, and saturated fat. When consumed regularly, this deadly trio could cause obesity, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases. TIMESTAMPS Never give your child juice 1:00 Never feed your child yogurt 1:40 Why cereal is bad for your kid 2:09 Why honey is dangerous for your kid 2:53 Never feed your child grapes 3:09 Avoid children’s multivitamins 3:36 Why milkshakes are bad for your kid 4:07 Never feed your child fast food 4:40 Why coffee is bad for your kid 5:07 How soda can do your kid harm 5:35 Why processed meats are dangerous for your kid 6:12 Why chicken nuggets are dangerous for your kid 6:47 Never let your kid eat potato chips 7:14 Never let your kid have ketchup 7:40 Why mac and cheese is bad for your child 8:00 Why canned food is dangerous 8:30 Avoid junk food 8:52 Never let your child drink unpasteurized milk 9:32 Music: Aura - Wontolla SUMMARY -A glass of juice contains 5–6 teaspoons of sugar. The dissolved sugar immediately gets absorbed into the bloodstream, which is bad for the metabolism of carbohydrates. -Yogurts with fruit contain a lot of sugar, fat, and calories, which all lead to children becoming overweight. It also increases their risk of getting diabetes. -Flakes, muesli, and other similar cereals contain is a lot of sugar. All the healthy elements of corn, wheat, and oats are removed during production — only the carbohydrates are left. -Honey can cause an allergic reaction, and sometimes honey contains bacteria, which can lead to a serious infectious disease called botulism. -Grapes are large and slippery, and a child could choke on them. Grapes are also very difficult for a child’s digestive tract to process. -No matter how harmless animal-shaped vitamins look, they should only be prescribed by doctors. -Drinking fatty milkshakes regularly can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases. -French fries, burgers, and pizza are loaded with salt, sugar, and saturated fat. When consumed regularly, this deadly trio could cause obesity, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases. -Caffeine, which is an ingredient in coffee, could affect calcium absorption, and this might weaken their bones. -Soda contains calories, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine, all of which erode tooth enamel and cause mood swings. -Processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, and bologna are rich in sodium and saturated fat. However, when consumed daily and in large amounts, they may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and spikes in blood pressure. -Chicken nuggets must go because they’re packed with preservatives, calories, salt, and a bit of sugar. -Potato chips contain loads of sodium and fat. Chips should never land in your grocery basket, and they should stay out of your child’s life as well. -Ketchup is made from sugar, corn syrup, food coloring, and extra fat. -Mac and cheese contains sodium, food preservatives, and noodles stripped of fiber. This same goes for canned spaghetti and ramen in plastic packages. -Canned tuna contains high levels of mercury, which is dangerous for their health. -Cake, cookies, doughnuts, candies, and fruit snacks can cause tooth decay and cavities. -According to the FDA, unpasteurized milk carries dangerous bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and listeria. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Parrot ko Bolna Sekhana | HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BIRD TO SPEAK | video in URDU/Hindi Subtitled in English

** Press CC on the player to open the English subtitle** HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BIRD TO SPEAK? On viewers demand I’m making this video on parrot speaking training and hand taming. How to teach parrot to talk in hindi or urdu. bolne wala tota ki pehchan and training. Totay ko hath per bethna sekhana. Hit the LIKE button, If you enjoy the video and don’t forget to SHARE so others can learn also. Please support by subscribing Faisal Javed TV channel on YouTube by visiting this link: If you want to cover you setup for birds, animals or any related activities please contact us: Whatsapp: 0335-2934011 Email: Message us on our FB page Please check this playlist of all my birds market in Pakistan visit videos: Social Media: Checkout my other interesting and informative video: *** LOVE BIRDS mai male and female ki pehchan: *** Aunty kay BIRDS Setup ka visit MUST WATCH: *** Albino Personata Parrot Setup visit: *** Birds Farming Aviary | A Profitable Business in Pakistan: *** Bakra Mandi 2017 Lalukhet : *** How to takeout the Feeding pipe if it accidently drops in baby parrots CROP: *** Pet Show 2017 Karachi Pakistan: *** Birds Breeding Farm | Exotic Birds for Sale: *** Breeding Setup of Exotic Parrots | Tips for Breeders: *** How to CLIP a Bird's WINGS: *** Best Soft Food for Birds in Summer: *** How to care for a Bird in SUMMER | Bird Care: *** How to TRIM Bird Nails Yourself Safely | Bird Grooming: *** How to take care of birds | Parrot Care | Tips & Tricks for Beginners: *** DIY Parrot Stand | How to build a Bird Perch Stand using PVC Pipes: *** Fertile eggs candling | How to tell if the bird egg has a baby: *** Flower Show 2017 visit: *** Canary Bird Singing at its best: *** Pet Show 2017 Karachi Expo: *** Funny Alexandrine Parrot Laughing and Speaking: *** Lady Gouldian Finch Bird | Colorful Birds | Satisfying video: *** Monkey Drama | Bandar Ka Tamasha: *** Angry Bird – Indian Raw Alexandrine Parakeet Parrot Behavior: *** Talking Parrot in Urdu/Hindi/Arabic | Asalamalakum | Arrahman Arraheem: *** Alexandrine Parakeet Parrot Dancing: *** Visit to Ibrahim Haderi Fish Market:

How many times to feed a baby parrot or parrot chick in a day. Ring neck, African gray, sun conure etc Hand feed age

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A newly hatched chick must be fed every 2 hours for 7 days. Then to every three hours at about 2-3 weeks old, for about a week or more. So on and so on. Always watch the crop as it should not empty out except through the night.

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