How Many Times a Day You Should Feed a Baby Parrot?

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How to feed a baby parrot (ringneck)

This ringneck is exactly 1 month old today! Here's a short video on how to feed one. Sorry for no volume or subtitles :( ... If you liked this video please hit that like button and subscribe for more!!

Baby Parrot Hand Feeding Learning

I want to show you about how people handfeeding to a baby parrot by the easy way and fast

Baby parrot 25 days old

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Baby Caique Parrots 1-5 weeks old.

The babies are all doing great!!

How many times to feed a baby parrot or parrot chick in a day. Ring neck, African gray, sun conure etc Hand feed age

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A newly hatched chick must be fed every 2 hours for 7 days. Then to every three hours at about 2-3 weeks old, for about a week or more. So on and so on. Always watch the crop as it should not empty out except through the night.

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