All Disney Cars The King Die-casts Ranked worst to best

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My Entire Disney Cars Diecast Collection!(Over 500! Diecasts, Mini Racers, Disney Store, and More!)

All Cars 3 Next-Gen Racers Ranked Worst to Best in my Opinion

Many people have been asking me recently who my favorite Next-Gen of all is, but haven't I made it obvious? I guess not. And I compiled this whole list. I also made one with all the Stock Cars right before I made this (I made this list out of that list), and i'll upload that tomorrow. I probably won't make one with the Cars VG racers since there's too few of them or one with the Cars 1 racers since I have trouble deciding the order I favor them in. Credit to T.G. Castlenut #48 for the sound of me freaking out over the diecast of a certain racer.

Cars Adventures 20-6-Living Legends

Lightning Mcqueen Mud Car Wash Learn Colors and Numbers

Lightning Mcqueen Mud Car Wash Learn Colors and Numbers

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