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Incredible Custom DIY Supercars People Built Themselves

Some people have built amazing supercars in their garage from scratch! Here are some of the most amazing DIY supercars ever built! Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Be Amazed at these custom DIY supercars! The Eagle Speedster - The Eagle Speedster, a step up from the Jaguar E Type, has been called one of the most beautiful cars, by Jeremy Clarkson, from Top Gear. Splinter - This supercar that is made almost completely out of wood began as a graduate school project inspired by the De Havilland Mosquito. Replicated Lamborghini Countach - This epic aluminum body Lamborghini Countach, which took over 10 years to build, was built by hand by Ken Imhoff in his basement. The Uragano - This supercharged, sexy, supercar which name means “hurricane” in Italian, is hand made by Moreno Filandi, an Italian coach builder. Ever – S - RM Wilson Replica Ferrari P4 - Fast, beautiful, and expensive; this replica Ferrari P4 is made from scratch by RM Wilson Engineering, a company that has been restoring classic Ferrari's for 45 years. AMC Javelin AMX Defiant - Due to the lack of time the ringbrothers had in creating the Javelin, the panels on it are digitally designed. II Temple Gigante - At first glance, you wouldn't think this 6000-pound car could reach 40 mph. Orbitron - Died and brought back to life, this spacey hot rod was created by Ed Roth in 1964. The Porcelain L'or Blanc. - This sleek, custom, porcelain made Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport L’or Blanc definitely isn’t DIY but is phenomenal by it's own right. Flatmobile - This 19-inch flattened batman car look alike isn’t exactly a supercar, but it did make it into the Guinness World book of records as the World’s lowest street legal vehicle. SCG 003 - Blastolene B-702 - This is one of three cars that Randy Grubbs and his brother Michael built. The B-702 design, which features a hand formed aluminum body, is influenced by the French cars of the 30’s. The Reactor - This super cool aluminum car, created by Gene Winfield in 1965, premiered in “Bewitched”, “Mission Impossible”, “Star Trek”, and “Batman”. The Galaxian - This golden, blast to the past, sci-fi Hot Rod, is created by Japanese shop owner, Junichi Shimodaira. The vehicle started out as a Model T 1927 Ford. The “Old Crow” Bellytanker - Old Crow Bellytanker looks like a bullet but was actually made from a World War two fighter drop tank. This Hot Rod, with a weathered paint job, can reach speeds of up to 137 mph. Vaydor - The Joker’s car in “Suicide Squad” is a do it yourselfer. The vaydor is a fiber glass body kit, which can be built over the 2003 to 2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe, that was created by Matt McEntegart. supercharged V8 from a Z06 corvette. Holographic Lamborghini Avantador - This beautiful, flashy, Lamborghini, which resides in Tokyo, Japan, is worth half a million dollars.


Kawasaki Ninja H2R Wild World promo video =========================================== © If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact ( and it will be deleted immediately (this includes artists of the images used). Thank you! =========================================== Year 2015 could well be known for the battle of horsepower and the competition for 200 horses seems to be the new found benchmark for superbike supremacy. The cumulative horsepower of both the bikes(Ducati 1299 Panigale and Kawasaki Ninja H2) might probably send the earth spinning into the other direction. So we have stacked these two Super monstrous motorcycles against each other based on the specifications and its unto you to decide" who will be crowned the new king of the super-biking world?".

3 LOUD Supercars Reactions - Lamborghini & Porsche's | BANGALORE | INDIA | PART-2

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Audi R8 attacked by people | People's Reaction | Superfast Cars | Mumbai | Supercars in India 2017

This video is about All Supercar scenes in Mumbai, all insanely loud supercar presence with their super loud sounds and super speeds and including all these the best part is you can see how people are attacking Audi R8 by coming close and touching the car. Its a nightmare for a Supercar owner and there are so many hands touching the car. In video you can see the driver speeding the car for safety after he skips more people who tried to come close. Its so funny scene that you have to see it through this video. Follow me: My action camera : My DSLR : My Website : Instagram : Facebook : Kit :

Some of my fellows from outside India might don't know that Supercars are rare in India as they cost 3 times as they cost in your country. The high price tag makes the car rare and India is not used to have 2 door cars so when non car enthusiast look at the car they often give some funny reactions and here we are to see some of it in the form of a video so do enjoy guys...

Disclaimer: This is a meme, no were hurt in the making of this meme because it's a meme.NO PERSON SHOULD TAKE THIS PERSONAL OR FEEL HURT Thank You


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