Disney Pixar Cars super Auto Parking Garage Building Car Toys !!

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Lightning Mcqueen Tries on Stone Wheels Kids Cars Funny Stories

Lightning Mcqueen Tries on Stone Wheels Kids Cars Funny Stories

BIGGEST Disney Cars 3 Toy Collection Ever Delivered By Lightning McQueen For Ckn Toys

Today we have a very special delivery from Lightning McQueen himself.He has brought us all the NEWEST and the BIGGEST collection of toys from the new Disney Cars 3 movie.There are so many cool new Disney toys that we have to unbox all of it for you guys to see. Toys included are Revvin Action Jackson Storm, Talking Smokey, Tiny Lugsworth, Talking Cruz Ramirez, Race and Reck lightning McQueen, Giant Lightning McQueen, Mack Diecast, Travel Time Mack, Smokey's Service Stop, Willy's Butte Playset, Thomasville Racing Speedway, Piston Cup Playset and many more other characters such as Mater,Chip and Flo. We had so much fun unboxing all these new Disney Cars 3 toys and playing with it.Hope you guys enjoy this video and please don't forget to subscribe to CKN Toys.


Мультики с машинками и игрушки из любимых мультиков: Щенячий патруль на русском, Робокар Поли, Тачки и другие :-) ☺ Делитесь всем интересным с друзьями ➪ ☺❤☺ ☺ Спасибо за просмотр, LIKE и подписку на канал Умные Дети ТВ. ✔Bruder. Большая пожарная машина Scania с выдвижной лестницей. Игрушка для детей. Bruder. 03590 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRZrhV7J972pgbjCOVmz9be_IQH5nlGFb ✔Машинка транспортировщик со скорой помощью, мусоровозом, машнками, такси, эвакуатором Toys for Kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfFBHfZUAMk ✔ Машинки для детей в СЛИЗИ Маквин Тачки, Вспыш и Чудо машинки, Полицейская Трансформер и Свинка Пеппа https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKcqwymUQxg&t=13s ✔ Молния Маквин Тачки Дисней Гонки с Мэтром на больших колёсах - Монстр трак CARS Llightning McQueen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjFzPPT8Ytc&t=3s ✔Развивающие видео для детей https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRZrhV7J972qFPCOFTiHKie1yOX-FZQxm ▼◆■ Интересные детские каналы:: ✔ИграШоуTV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGzjq1OJdBeuHkjqN3MmV6g ✔ Nick TURBO Обзор игрушек https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHxOlHknHc3j4DuQc8ZR9vA ▼◆■ Давайте общаться в СОЦСЕТЯХ: ✔ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/umnyedeti ▼◆■▼◆■▼◆■ Канал Умные Дети ТВ https://www.youtube.com/user/UmnyeDeti đồ chơi

GoGo Brio Tunnel Station & Tayo Garage & Airport story about cockroaches and spiders attacking

Today, I used Brio tunnel & Brio Airport and Toyo garage toys. Brio's train & Disney Cars & Thomas & Tayo bus go to the airport for talk. There you are hit by a giant spider. After that, a small cockroach and a big cockroach chase after Tayo and Chuggington who fled to the garage. There is a helicopter toy & a casualties of allies of justice & Iron Man & Japanese Kamen rider builder appeared and it is a story to help a friend.

Thomas & Friends Deluxe Round House & Wooden Series 7 pieces opened ☆ 彡

Today, we opened 7 Deluxe Round House and Three wooden series of Thomas & Friends. Thomas, Percy, Hilo, Gordon, Yan Bao, Emily, James, a slightly different wooden series appeared! Round house opens the door and sounds when Thomas goes in. Also, pressing a button, the wooden series pops out!

I opened the "Super Auto Tomikabir" toy! You can play with a Disney Pixar Cars car toy. This toy has plenty of stickers and it is fun to assemble. A transparent elevator can carry multiple Tomica. And the elevator will go up. Tomica goes down the 4th floor building. The elevator can be moved manually, so you can play without batteries. 5 cars on each floor, 2 cars in secret parking lot A total of 17 Tomica vehicles can be parked and the parking ability is outstanding! There is a gas station in the 1F part, and when you stop Tomica and push the button, refueling action is possible. There is a secret parking lot under the floor.

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