💥2018 Dacia(Renault) Duster - BIG OFF-ROAD test drive

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Dacia Duster (2018) PRODUCTION

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2018 Dacia(Renault) Duster - BIG OFF-ROAD test drive,interior, exterior.

Dacia’s rugged SUV is available with more safety kit than ever and an all-new more-upmarket interior.
The new Duster retains the old car’s chunky proportions, but looks a lot more modern thanks to its wraparound grille, which adds more than a hint of Land Rover Discovery to its appearance.

The headlights and brake lights have been tweaked, too – the former now come with LED daytime running lights – and are much prettier than the basic designs found on the old model.

The bulging bonnet and boxy wheel arch extensions help it look tough as do the large silver trims on the bumpers, which mimic the underbody protection you get on hardcore off-roaders.
New 17-inch alloy wheels and optional Atacama Orange paint – as seen on the car in these images – mean the new Duster looks less utilitarian than the car it replaces.
The new Duster’s interior marks a significant step up in quality from the old car. Grey, cheap-looking plastics are out, replaced by darker materials that appear more expensive.

The design is also more dramatic courtesy of three central air vents that sit proud of the rest of the dashboard. Although, you still get practical features such as the storage bin in front of the front passenger and the large tray that sits ahead of the gearstick.
Comfort models and above come with a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment display with satellite navigation and USB connectivity as standard. It’s now located more prominently at the top of the centre console, so it’s easier to follow its directions while you’re driving.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay extra for a range-topping Prestige version if you want climate control, while leather seats cost an extra £500 across the range.

Thankfully, more-padded seats comes as standard that, when combined with the Dacia’s thicker windows, should make the Duster a more comfortable car to travel long distances in.
You now also get more interior storage spaces – it has increased by 20 per cent compared to the old Duster – while boot capacity sits at 445 litres (two-wheel drive models) or 376 litres (four-wheel-drive cars). For reference, a Volkswagen Golf has a 380-litre boot. As of yet, there’s no word on passenger space, although you would expect it to improve.

The new Duster comes with the option of a 115hp 1.2-litre petrol capable of more than 40mpg or a 115hp1.5-litre diesel engine that can crack 60mpg. Both come with a manual gearbox and front-wheel drive as standard, but you can upgrade to four-wheel drive for € 2,000 in petrol versions.

Unfortunately, you can’t get an automatic gearbox, but blind-spot warning and a rear-view camera – that’ll help you park in tight spaces – come fitted as standard to Prestige versions.

In different countries, the price for which you can buy a new product is slightly different,so for example in Spain the price for Duster 1.6 SCE 114CV 4X2 Access 10.860 euros is the starting price, and for Duster 1.2 TCE 125CV 4X4 Prestige 18.100 euros

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