Bomber Crew - Preview - Xbox One

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Bomber Crew Crash Montage


Bomber Crew Guide: 10 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Crew Alive!

Bomber Crew is here for PC, Mac, and Linux (consoles early 2018)! The game is a survival simulator set during WWII - grab your bomber and set your sights on Fortress Europe! Customize your crew and airplane as you complete objectives in the skies. Bomber crew can get a little hectic at times, so here are 10 tips to help keep your crew alive as you complete the game's campaign. Hopefully you find this guide helpful. What are your favorite tips? Tell me in the comments! For more tips and guides on other games, subscribe! ----- Join our Platoon(s): Flak Addicts on X1, PC, PS4. Join our Partnered Discord!: ----- Looking for all of the Battlefield 1 weapon stats, in depth map guides, and top gameplay strategies? Then you need the ULTIMATE UTILITY™! Ultimate Utility for Battlefield 1 (Free Version) Ultimate Utility for Battlefield 1: ----- Gameplay recorded with Elgato! Read more: ----- Hang out with Flakfire! Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: Donate on Patreon: Intro/Outro music by Ian Alex Mac:

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Today we check out Bomber Crew on Xbox One. Developed by Runner Duck Games and published by Curve Digital. It releases on 10th July 2018.
A copy of the Game was provided for this video by the developer/publisher.

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