Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) PC Gameplay Español Parte 32

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Bueno amigos vuelvo a subir este gran vídeo, el otro lo subí medio mal y estaba incompleto y ademas este tiene mejor calidad y tiene los vídeos de los corredores incluye la persecución final, por eso eh aquí mi creación Y LO BUENO ES QUE ESTA EN ESPAÑOL :)

Need For Speed 2016 PC - Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Fully Upgraded Gameplay (With Perfect Tuning)

Need For Speed 2016 PC gameplay using a fully upgraded 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 with keyboard and manual transmission as well as showing the most perfect tuning and upgrades race build I've ever made in this game. And I'm just excited sharing. This video is showcasing the end results of the handling tune as well as it's fully upgraded performance in 4 events. Watch in 1080p 60FPS! Timeline: 0:11 - Tuning and Performance build of the Lamborghini Aventador 1:10 - The Perfect Shift (Sprint Race) 4:17 - Talk The Torque (Sprint Race) 5:12 - In The Driver's Seat (Sprint Race) 8:10 - A Legend's Wheels NOTE: I have FINALLY fully understood what the suspension and sway bar tuning does. You can only see the difference when cornering over 200mph/320kmh +. Now that I understand what both suspension stiffness and sway bar does, I can now fully tune the remaining cars accordingly. Again feel free to use my tuning build. Though like previous tune, NOS Power/Duration and handbrake strength is entirely up to your preference and it's not an integral part of my tuning. It all started when 2 of my friends said that the Lamborghini Aventador's handling is disappointing and bad in comparison to cars like... Honda Civic. One of my friend being a Lambo freeak was tuning the Aventador really want to make it work. I decided to help him out in the tuning since he helped me before in this channel. I bought the Aventador, hmmm how bad can the handling be? First corner... it was so goddamn awful and bad. It's super heavy and understeers. So we spent a lot of time together figuring the tuning. Then I found a sweet spot in the tuning and shared, but I still did not know what the suspension/sway bars does during that time. It was actually the tuning of the M3 E92 and Camaro Z28 which gave away a obvious difference that made me discover what the tuning does. And from that knowledge, perfected the tuning of the Aventador which I can't wait to share. Before you go "why share?, you don't want to give away secrets your competition." Well, the Aventador isn't a 911 RSR and a Volvo is faster, so I wouldn't mind sharing the secret tuning of the Aventador has, especially the Aventador's stock tuning/handling was so awful that I'm pretty sure people won't be satisfied in comparison with the other car's default handling. And sharing is caring. Now for the performance review. Since I have driven the MX-5 Miata I make comparison with it. Aventador has way better acceleration than the MX-5. However the MX-5 corners much better at all sorts of corners. Soundtrack: Saki Kaskas & Rom Di Prisco - Kallista NFS IV - Liquid Plasma Need For Speed Pro Street - Digitalism - Pogo 2nd track of A state of trance 2004 mix

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Parte 32 del juego Need for Speed: Most Wanted en español para PC. El juego también está disponible para PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS y Telefonía móvil

Este juego fue grabado usando la siguiente PC

Intel Core i5 3210m
Nvidia GT 645M 2GB DDR3

Need for Speed: Most Wanted es un videojuego multiplataforma de carreras, desarrollado por EA Canada (EA Black Box) y distribuido por Electronic Arts. El juego fue lanzado el 15 de Noviembre del 2005 en Estado Unidos y es la novena entrega de la saga Need for Speed. El juego reintroduce persecuciones policiacas hacia un juego orientado a las carreras ilegales, con ciertas (pero no todas) opciones de personalización de la serie de Need for Speed: Underground. El juego es seguido por Need for Speed: Carbono, el cual sirve como secuela de Most Wanted.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted ha sido lanzado para Windows, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS y Telefonía móvil. Otra versión del Most Wanted, llamada Need for Speed: Most Wanted: 5-1-0 ha sido lanzada para la PlayStation Portable.

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